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Component Library (UI) / @daohaus/ui

The UI component library is organized into various component levels: Atoms, Molecules, Organisms, and Layouts. This organization allows you to install the entire package or pick the components you need. Even though we bundle many elements together, we also provide the primitives when possible. If a molecule doesn't suit your needs, you can reconstruct it as you wish.


Running Storybook Locally

Run nx ui:storybook


yarn add @daohaus/ui

Initially, import the HausThemeProvider from the @daohaus/ui package in your app's root component, such as main.tsx. This wraps the entire application and avails its data to other components

// main.tsx

import { HausThemeProvider } from '@daohaus/ui';

          <Routes />


There are examples of most component in our Storybook

How to use Components

You can import individual components from the @daohaus/ui package and utilize them in your app:

import { Button } from '@daohaus/ui';

<Button color="secondary" onClick={somAction} IconLeft={<SomeIcon />}>
  Button content

How to override the theme.

The theme.ts file establishes base styles for components, leveraging the Radix open-source color system. The <HausThemeContext> sets state variables for primary, secondary, tertiary, neutral, and utility colors.

Daefult DAOhaus theme

You can override this theme by passing a new theme or parts of the theme to the themeOverrides prop on the HausThemeProvider

How to use the toast hook

import { useToast } from '@daohaus/ui';

const { successToast } = useToast();

  title: 'Toast title',
  description: 'Some content',

How to use the media query hook

import { useBreakpoint, widthQuery } from '@daohaus/ui';

const isMobile = useBreakpoint(widthQuery.sm);

<Button full={isMobile} />;

Components Overview

Our component library includes the following, and each of the components has an associated Story for more deatiled usage.

  • Animations: Our animations commonly used throughout the app.
  • Components: We roughly follow Atomic Design principles so our components are organized as Atoms, Molecules, and Organisms
    • Atoms
      • These are the smallest components that are used to build up a larger component. Each Atom is typically a single UI element such as a <Label> component.
    • Molecules
      • Molecules are composed of Atoms and other Molecules. Molecules are typically used to build up a larger component. An example is an <Toast/> component as it composes other Atoms.
    • Organisms
      • These are the largest components. As our component library is largely comprised of building blocks intended to be composed together, we currently have fewer at this level than the others as most Organisms exist in the individual apps.
  • Hooks
    • Hooks are React Hooks that are used to provide additional functionality to our components. For example, we have a useMediaQuery hook that supports responsive design.
  • Theme
    • Our theme and base styles for several components. We have a HausThemeContext that composes and scaffolds core theme elements.
  • Types
    • Common types used throughout the component library.


Run nx ui:build to build the library.




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