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    TypeScript declaration files for deck.gl

    This is a work in progress - see the issues list

    npm install @danmarshall/deckgl-typings

    These will automatically appear in your projects node_modules/@types folder, thanks to indefinitely-typed.

    Then it is possible to link the mappings in your project so typescript can find them (since the project is not in @types yet).

    Create a new file like deckgl.d.ts (although it could be named anything ending in .d.ts) in your src/ directory with the following code:

    import * as DeckTypings from "@danmarshall/deckgl-typings"
    declare module "deck.gl" {
        export namespace DeckTypings {}

    Version mapping

    deck.gl version deckgl-typings version
    5.x.x 1.x.x
    6.x.x 2.x.x
    7.x.x 3.x.x
    8.x.x 4.x.x

    Known issues

    These typings are now v4 which targets deck.gl v8. The following issues are changes to v8 from deck.gl v7 which have not been added to these typings:


    Thanks to the community of contributors for adding many typings over the last few months. Please feel free to continue fixes for the above or any other issues. 🥂


    npm i @danmarshall/deckgl-typings

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