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    HTML tree for JavaScript values and objects. Useful to emulate dev console, etc.

    🧭 Table of contents


    • [x] Lightweight, no framework needed
    • [x] Customisible and configurable
    • [x] Can handle deep nested objects and arrays

    🎒 Requierments

    No requierments.

    🚀 Quickstart



    Install using the terminal:

    npm install @danielcobo/jstree

    Require the module:

    const jstree = require('@danielcobo/jstree');

    Note: In case you're wondering, @danielcobo/ is just a namespace scope - an NPM feature. Scopes make it easier to name modules and improve security.


    Declare it as a global variable named jstree by including this script before any script you want to use it in:

    <script src=""></script>

    Or import it as an ECMAScript module:

    import * as jstree from '';

    Also, feel free to download the file if you prefer not to use jsdelivr. In that case just replace the url with the relative file path.

    Example use

    const html = jsTree([
      { type: 'icecream', weight: 250, flavor: 'vanilla' },
      { type: 'cake', weight: 1000, flavor: 'chocolate' },
    document.body.innerHTML = html;

    For details see documentation below.

    📘 Documentation


    Generate a HTML presentation of any value

    Name Type Default Description
    val * Value to present


    Type Description
    string HTML presentation of value

    Source: src/index.js:5

    🆘 Troubleshooting

    If you run into trouble or have questions just submit an issue.

    🤝 Contributing

    Anyone can contribute

    Contributions come in many shapes and sizes. All are welcome. You can contribute by:

    • asking questions
    • suggesting features
    • sharing this repo with friends
    • improving documentation (even fixing typos counts 😉)
    • providing tutorials (if you do, please let me know, I would love to read them)
    • improving tests
    • contributing code (new features, performance boosts, code readability improvements..)

    Rules for contributions

    General guidelines:

    • there are no dumb questions
    • be polite and respectful to others
    • do good

    When coding remember:

    • working > maintainability > performance
    • best code is no code
    • be descriptive when naming
    • keep it DRY
    • do test

    Contribution licence: All contributions are considered to be under same license as this repository.

    🧪 Testing

    Testing suite: 🃏 Jest | Test command: npm test

    Mutation testing suite: 👽 Stryker Mutator | Mutation test command: npm run mutation

    If you intend to develop further or contribute code, then please ensure to write and use testing. Strive for 100% code coverage and high mutation scores. Mutation score 100 is great, but it's not always neccessary (if there are valid reasons).

    ⚖️ License

    MIT License


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