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Dagger NodeJS SDK

A client package for running Dagger pipelines.

What is the Dagger NodeJS SDK?

The Dagger NodeJS SDK contains everything you need to develop CI/CD pipelines in Typescript of Javascript, and run them on any OCI-compatible container runtime.


npm install @dagger.io/dagger --save-dev

Local development

You may want to work on the NodeSDK and test it directly on a local node project.

1. Create a new Node project

⚠️ Skip this step if you already have a node project

mkdir my-test-ts-project

# Init project (you may use yarn or pnpm)
npm init -y

# Add typescript
npm install typescript ts-node --save-dev

# Init typescript project
npx tsc --init

2. Update project settings

Dagger exports its SDK using type module so you will need to also update your package.json to the same type.

Add or update the field type in your package.json from your project root directory:

npm pkg set type=module

You must also update your tsconfig.json to use NodeNext as module.

"module": "NodeNext"

3. Symlink Dagger local module

Go to the Dagger nodejs SDK directory and do the following :

cd path/to/dagger/sdk/nodejs # go into the package directory
npm link # creates global link

Go back to the root directory of your local project to link the nodejs sdk.

cd path/to/my_app # go into your project directory.
npm link @dagger.io/dagger # link install the package

💡 Any changes to path/to/dagger/sdk/nodejs will be reflected in path/to/my_app/node_modules/@dagger.io/dagger.

4. Make your contribution

While making SDK code modification you should watch the input files:

cd path/to/dagger/sdk/nodejs # go into the package directory
yarn watch # Recompile the code when input files are modified

You can now import the local Dagger NodeSDK as if you were using the official one.

import { connect } from "@dagger.io/dagger"


Please visit our documentation for a full list of commands and examples.




npm i @dagger.io/dagger

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