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Utilities for copying methods from one d3 component to another in a configurable way

Main d3fc package


npm install @d3fc/d3fc-rebind

API Reference


# fc.rebind(target, source, ...names)

Provides the same functionality as d3.rebind -

Copies the methods with the specified names from source to target, and returns target. Calling one of the named methods on the target object invokes the same-named method on the source object, passing any arguments passed to the target method, and using the source object as the this context. If the source method returns the source object, the target method returns the target object (“setter” method); otherwise, the target method returns the return value of the source method (“getter” mode). The rebind operator allows inherited methods (mix-ins) to be rebound to a subclass on a different object.

# fc.rebindAll(target, source, [...transforms])

Provides the same functionality as rebind but copies all properties found on source to target. Optionally, property name transforms can be specified. These receive a source property name and return either the target property name or a falsey value to indicate the property should not be copied.

N.B. This method does not work with properties found on the source object's prototype e.g. d3.dispatch().on. If you need this functionality use rebind.

Transform functions

As well as creating transforms manually, the following may be useful (especially if you're not able to use ES2015 features) -

# fc.exclude(...names)

Exclude a set of property names. Names can be specified as a string or RegExp.

# fc.include(...names)

Include only the set of property names. Names can be specified as a string or RegExp.

# fc.includeMap(mappings)

Include only the set of properties specified by the keys of mappings using their corresponding values as the target property name e.g. { 'sourceName': 'targetName' }.

# fc.prefix(str)

Prefix all property names with str.


npm i @d3fc/d3fc-rebind

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