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    💾 Node gdrive

    Utility to manipulate google drive using nodejs. It could upload content to google drive and it could be used as backup service.

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    🔑 Create credentials and token files

    To get credentials.json file you need to visit:


    This will download credentials.json file, you can save it in secrets folder in the project. Now you need to generate token.json file, to do this you need to execute any command to access your google-drive, for example:

    Using docker

    Then you could execute a simple command to generate token.json:

    Be careful to copy credentials.json into $PWD/secrets path

    docker run --rm -it -v $PWD/secrets:/app/secrets/ d0whc3r/gdrive -l

    📝 Using downloaded project

    First you need to download project from github using:

    git clone
    cd node-gdrive
    yarn install

    Then you could execute a simple command to generate token.json:

    yarn cli -l

    🔰 Next step

    Using docker or project files the -l command is for listing existing files in google-drive

    If credentials.json is present but token.json is missing this last file will be generated showing an url into terminal output, you need to enter that url and validate all needed permisions, then a token will be shown in your web browser, this token need to be pasted in terminal.

    By default this software check for credentials (and token) file in folder secrets but it could be changed using environment variables:

    • CREDENTIALS_FILE: File with credentials (credentials.json)
    • TOKEN_FILE: File with token, generated using credentials (token.json)

    Docker usage

    You could use cli app in docker

    🚣 Build docker image

    docker build -t gdrive .

    🏁 Run cli commands inside docker

    docker run --rm gdrive --help

    To make docker image work properly you need to indicate where credentials and token are located

    docker run --rm -v $PWD/secrets:/app/secrets:ro gdrive -l

    🏁 Cli help output

    Using docker image from

    docker run --rm d0whc3r/gdrive --help
    Help for gdrive
      Usage of npm gdrive in command line. 
      -l, --list                                     List all files and folders                                                    
      -b, --backup file*                             Backup files                                                                  
      -z, --zip                          Zip backup files                                                              
      -r, --replace                                  Replace files if already exists when backup upload                            
      -c, --create                                   Create destination upload folder                                              
      -f, --folder foldername                        Folder name to upload file/s                                                  
      -d, --delete foldername=duration OR duration   Clean files older than duration in foldername                                 
      -m, --mysql                                    Mysql backup using environment variables to connect mysql server              
                                                     ($MYSQL_USER, $MYSQL_PASSWORD, $MYSQL_DATABASE, $MYSQL_HOST, $MYSQL_PORT)     
      -h, --help                                     Print this usage guide.                                                       
      1. List files.                                                                      $ gdrive -l                                                   
      2. Backup multiple files to "backupFolder" folder.                                  $ gdrive -b src/index.ts -b images/logo.png -f backupFolder   
      3. Backup files using wildcard to "backup" folder.                                  $ gdrive -b src/* -b images/* -f backup                       
      4. Backup files using wildcard and zip into "zipped" folder folder will be          $ gdrive -b src/* -b images/* -z -f zipped -c             
      created if it doesn't exists.                                                                                                                     
      5. Backup files using wildcard and zip using "" as filename into        $ gdrive -b src/* -b images/* -z -f zipped -c -r 
      "zipped" folder folder will be created if it doesn't exists and zipfile will be                                                                   
      replaced if it exists                                                                                                                             
      6. Delete files in "uploads" folder older than 2days and files in "monthly"         $ gdrive -d uploads=2d -d monthly=1M                          
      folder older than 1month                                                                                                                          
      7. Delete files in "uploads" folder older than 1minute                              $ gdrive -f uploads -d 1m                                     
      8. Generate mysql dump file zip it and upload to "mysql-backup" folder              $ gdrive -f mysql-backup -m -z   


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