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A new IDE concept based on web technologies with a focus on extensibility and user experience.

The editor main features are:

  • Easy to install and configure. Runs locally or remotely.
  • Client/Server based. Client handles rendering, while server handles the heavy tasks.
  • An open plugin API. Plugins can be enabled by project or by workspace.
  • Intelligent Text Editor (based on CodeMirror) and Code Assistant including inline completion.
  • A minimalistic yet powerful UI.
  • A VIM mode plugin.


  • node >3.0 and npm.
  • A modern web browser.


To install from npm (stable)

npm -g install @cxl/workspace

To install from source

git clone
cd workspace
npm link

To install from github

npm -g install coaxialsoftware/workspace


Install plugins using npm.

npm -g install @cxl/workspace.plugin

or download it to a folder and:

cd folder
npm link

You can also manually load it using the "plugins" property of workspace.json.

	// Install the plugin
	"plugins": [ "file:path" ]
	// Load it for all projects
	"project" { "plugins": [ "name" ] },

In order to use the plugin you must load it by adding it to the workspace, see example above, or by using the project.json file:

	"plugins": [ "plugin name", "plugin2" ]