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    Terraswarm Accessors

    Accessors, described in the paper, A Vision of Swarmlets are actors that provide access to a (typically remote) service, sensor, or actuator. An accessor is instantiated by an accessor host or swarmlet host, which is a program or browser script. The host uses the accessor as if it were a local source and/or sink for data and/or commands. An accessor host is to the Internet of Things what a browser is to the Internet. It renders a remote service by locally executing a proxy for that service.

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    How to update index.json

    index.json lists all of the accessors, which are all the files [A-Z].js [A-Z].xml.

    To update index.json, run


    How to update the jsdoc output

    The doc/jsdoc/ directory contains html created by jsdoc.

    To update the docs by hand, run ant jsdoc

    An automated build on updates the docs by checking the accessors repo every 5 minutes.


    This file may be found at accessors/web/ and is included in the JSDoc output automatically because accessors/web/build.xml is invoked with -R

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    npm i @cxbrooks/accessors

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