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Cutie extension for work with Date object in JavaScript. It's based on the Async Tree Pattern.


You can find examples of using this library in the test directory.


npm install @cuties/date

Run test

npm test

Run build

npm run build


const {
  // Needed async objects here from the table below
} = require('@cuties/date');

For more information about parameters in the async objects visit MDN docs for Date global object.

Async Object Async/sync call Parameters(default value/description) Representation result
Date new Date(...params) ...params date
DateAsString date.toString date string
DateJSON date.toJSON date json
DateString date.toDateString date string
DateValue date.valueOf date primitive value
DateWithDayOfMonth date.setDate date, day date
DateWithFullYear date.setFullYear date, year date
DateWithHours date.setHours date, hours date
DateWithMilliseconds date.setMilliseconds date, milliseconds date
DateWithMinutes date.setMinutes date, minutes date
DateWithMonth date.setMonth date, month date
DateWithSeconds date.setSeconds date, seconds date
DateWithTime date.setTime date, time date
DateWithUTCDayOfMonth date.setUTCDate date, day date
DateWithUTCFullYear date.setUTCFullYear date, year date
DateWithUTCHours date.setUTCHours date, hours date
DateWithUTCMilliseconds date.setUTCMilliseconds date, milliseconds date
DateWithUTCMinutes date.setUTCMinutes date, minutes date
DateWithUTCMonth date.setUTCMonth date, month date
DateWithUTCSeconds date.setUTCSeconds date, seconds date
DateWithUTCTime date.setUTCTime date, time date
DateWithYear date.setYear date, year date
DayOfMonth date.getDate date number
DayOfWeek date.getDay date number
FullYear date.getFullYear date number
GMTString date.toGMTString date string
Hours date.getHours date number
ISOString date.toISOString date string
LocaleDateString date.toLocaleDateString date, ...args string
LocaleTimeString date.toLocaleTimeString date, ...args string
Milliseconds date.getMilliseconds date number
Minutes date.getMinutes date number
Month date.getMonth date number
Now Date.now date
ParsedDate Date.parse date number(ms)
Seconds date.getSeconds date number
Time date.getTime date number(ms)
TimeString date.toTimeString date string
TimezoneOffset date.getTimezoneOffset date number
UTC Date.UTC ...params number(ms)
UTCDayOfMonth date.getUTCDate date number
UTCDayOfWeek date.getUTCDay date number
UTCFullYear date.getUTCFullYear date number
UTCHours date.getUTCHours date number
UTCMilliseconds date.getUTCMilliseconds date number
UTCMinutes date.getUTCMinutes date number
UTCMonth date.getUTCMonth date number
UTCSeconds date.getUTCSeconds date number
UTCString date.toUTCString date string
Year date.getYear date number



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