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Read/write bibliographic records in RIS format.

Getting Started

npm i @customcommander/ris


const {read} = require('@customcommander/ris');

TI  - Foo
ER  - 
TI  - Bar
ER  - 
TI  - Baz
ER  - 
//=> [ {TY: ['JOUR'], TI: ['Foo']}
//=> , {TY: ['BOOK'], TI: ['Bar']}
//=> , {TY: ['CHAP'], TI: ['Baz']}]


<script src="./node_modules/@customcommander/ris/dist/browser.min.js"></script>

TI  - Foo
ER  - 
TI  - Bar
ER  - 
TI  - Baz
ER  - 
//=> [ {TY: ['JOUR'], TI: ['Foo']}
//=> , {TY: ['BOOK'], TI: ['Bar']}
//=> , {TY: ['CHAP'], TI: ['Baz']}]

Reading RIS

The read function returns an array of objects (one per reference). Each key in an object is named after the corresponding RIS tag and holds the values for each entry for that tag. (Some tags can appear multiple times.)

The function returns null if it cannot parse the content. Please check that the content is correctly formatted as per the RIS specification. If you think this is a bug please raise an issue.

Additional Processing

Some tags like DA or RP have special formatting rules. The parser supports them but won't enforce them meaning that any content that doesn't comply is returned as is.

Tag Content (example) After processing
DA 2020/06/25/ {"year": "2020", "month": "06", "day": "25", "info": ""}
DA /// {"year": "" , "month": "" , "day": "" , "info": ""}
DA /06// {"year": "" , "month": "06", "day": "" , "info": ""}
DA 2020//25/Conf {"year": "2020", "month": "" , "day": "25", "info": "Conf"}
RP IN FILE {"status": "IN FILE"}
RP NOT IN FILE {"status": "NOT IN FILE"}
RP ON REQUEST (06/26/2020) {"status": "ON REQUEST","date": {"year": "2020", "month": "06", "day": "26"}}

Writing RIS

The library exposes a write function that takes an input of the same type than the output of the read function.

write([ { "TY": ["JOUR"]
        , "TI": ["Hello World!"]}

      , { "TY": ["JOUR"]
        , "TI": ["Apollo 11"]
        , "DA": [{ "year": "1969"
                 , "month": "07"
                 , "day": "20"
                 , "info": "Moon"}]}]);
// => TY  - JOUR
// => TI  - Hello World!
// => ER  - 
// =>
// => TY  - JOUR
// => TI  - Apollo 11
// => DA  - 1969/07/20/Moon
// => ER  - 
// =>

If the input isn't an array an empty string is returned. Each element is validated first and skipped if not valid so it is possible to get an empty string even with a non-empty array.

Each element must be a key/value pairs object:

  • Each key must be a two-letter capital word. The second letter may be a number.
  • Each value must be an array of at least one non-empty string.

Some keys have additional rules.


This is the only required key. Must be set to an array of exactly one non-empty string e.g.,

{ "TY": [ "JOUR" ] }


Must be set to an array of exactly one element which can be either a non-empty string or an object e.g.,

{ "TY": [ "JOUR" ]
, "DA": [ "1969/07/20/Moon" ] }

// or

{ "TY": [ "JOUR" ]
, "DA": [ { "year":  "<non-empty string>" /* Required. */
          , "month": "<non-empty string>" /* Optional. */
          , "day":   "<non-empty string>" /* Optional. */
          , "info":  "<non-empty string>" /* Optional. */}]}

AU, A1, A2, A3, A4 & TA

In addition to non-empty strings, arrays for these keys can also have objects e.g.,

{ "TY": [ "JOUR" ]
, "AU": [ "Doe, John"
        , { "last_name":  "<non-empty string>" /* Required. */
          , "first_name": "<non-empty string>" /* Optional. */
          , "initials":   "<non-empty string>" /* Optional. */
          , "suffix":     "<non-empty string>" /* Optional. */}]}


Must be set to an array of exactly one element which can be either a non-empty string or an object e.g.,

{ "TY": [ "JOUR" ]
, "RP": ["<non-empy string>"] }

// or

{ "TY": [ "JOUR" ]
, "RP": [{ "status": "<non-empty string>" /* Required. */
         , "year":   "<non-empty string>" /* Optional. */
         , "month":  "<non-empty string>" /* Optional. */
         , "day":    "<non-empty string>" /* Optional. */}] }


This is the only reserved tag. Any value will be ignored.


Generate Mendeley References From RIS

Bibliographic records in RIS format can be converted to Mendeley references:

TI  - Mission to the Moon
AU  - Armstrong, Neil
DA  - 1969/07/20
ER  - 
//=> [{ type: 'journal'
//=>  , authors: [{last_name: 'Armstrong', first_name: 'Neil'}]
//=>  , accessed: '1969-07-20'
//=>  , title: 'Mission to the Moon' }]

RIS Conversion Table

The following table shows which RIS fields are supported by the Mendeley Reference Manager.

RIS Type RIS Entry Mendeley
any A1 authors
any A2 editors
any A3 authors
any A4 authors
any AB abstract
any AN identifiers.pmid
any AU authors
PAT C6 patent_legal_status
any CY city
any DA accessed
any DO identifiers.doi
any ET edition
any IS issue
any KW keywords
any L1 websites
any L4 websites
any LA language
any LB tags
PAT M1 patent_application_number
any N1 notes
any PB publisher
any PY year
any RN notes
any SE chapter
any SN identifiers.isbn
JFULL SN identifiers.issn
JOUR SN identifiers.issn
any SP pages
any ST short_title
any T2 source
any T3 series
any TA authors
any TI title
BILL TY type (as bill)
BOOK TY type (as book)
CASE TY type (as case)
CHAP TY type (as book_section)
COMP TY type (as computer_program)
CONF TY type (as conference_proceedings)
ENCYC TY type (as encyclopedia_article)
GEN TY type (as generic)
HEAR TY type (as hearing)
ICOMM TY type (as web_page)
JFULL TY type (as journal)
JOUR TY type (as journal)
MGZN TY type (as magazine_article)
MPCT TY type (as film)
NEWS TY type (as newspaper_article)
PAT TY type (as patent)
RPRT TY type (as report)
STAT TY type (as statute)
THES TY type (as thesis)
UNPB TY type (as working_paper)
others TY type (as generic)
any UR websites
any VL volume
RPRT VL series_number


Each Mendeley reference is validated before it is returned so toMendeley can return an empty array.

If the RIS content cannot be parsed toMendeley returns null.

Generate RIS From Mendeley References

It is also possible to generate RIS records from Mendeley references: (using the above table)

fromMendeley([{ type: 'journal'
              , title: 'Moon 69'
              , year: 1969
              , authors: [{last_name: 'Armstrong', first_name: 'Neil'}]
              , identifiers: {doi: 'doi/123'}}]);

//=> TY  - JOUR
//=> TI  - Moon 69
//=> PY  - 1969
//=> AU  - Armstrong, Neil
//=> DO  - doi/123
//=> ER  - 


The fromMendeley returns null if the input is not an array or if all elements are not valid Mendeley references. Otherwise invalid elements are ignored.


The following command will:

  1. Compile the grammar.
  2. Test the grammar against the dev.ris file.
  3. Output the result to the standard output.
  4. Write the output to out.txt. (This file is ignored by Git.)
make sample

Further Resources

  1. See my interpretation of the RIS specification.

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