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NX Plugin: Debug, troubleshoot and record Cypress CI tests in Cloud

NX plugin for running cypress tests using Currents or Sorry Cypress.

Integrate Cypress with alternative cloud services like Currents or Sorry Cypress.

The plugin is designed for CI environments and runs Cypress in headless mode. Please use @nx/cypress for running cypress in interactive mode.


See ./apps/web-e2e for an example installation:

npx nx run web-e2e:currents --key <recordKey> --ci-build-id hello-currents-nx


Install npm dependencies:

npm i --save-dev @currents/nx cypress-cloud
# install cypress if needed
npm i --save-dev cypress

Add target currents to your project configuration:

  // ...
  "targets": {
    "currents": {
      "executor": "@currents/nx:currents",
      "options": {
        "record": true,
        "parallel": true,
        "cypressConfig": "apps/app-e2e/cypres.config.ts",
        // "key": "record key obtained from https://app.currents.dev"
        // "ciBuildId: "ci build id, read more at https://currents.dev/readme/guides/cypress-ci-build-id",
        // ... start a dev server if needed
        "devServerTarget": "my-react-app:serve",
        "testingType": "e2e"
  // ...

Create a new configuration file: currents.config.js next to cypress.config.{jt}s

// currents.config.js
module.exports = {
  // Get the record key from https://app.currents.dev, can be any value for self-hosted instance of Sorry Cypress
  recordKey: 'XXX',
  // Set the `projectId` and the record key obtained from https://app.currents.dev or your self-hosted instance of Sorry Cypress
  projectId: 'Ij0RfK',
  // Sorry Cypress users - set the director service URL
  cloudServiceUrl: 'https://cy.currents.dev',

Add cypress-cloud/plugin to cypress.config.{js|ts|mjs}

import { nxE2EPreset } from '@nx/cypress/plugins/cypress-preset';
import { defineConfig } from 'cypress';
import cloudPlugin from 'cypress-cloud/plugin';

export default defineConfig({
  e2e: {
    ...nxE2EPreset(__dirname, {
      bundler: 'vite',
    specPattern: './src/**/*.cy.ts',
    setupNodeEvents(on, config) {
      return cloudPlugin(on, config);


npx nx run web-e2e:currents --key <recordKey> --ci-build-id hello-currents-nx


Options can be configured in project.json when defining the executor, or when invoking it. Read more about how to configure targets and executors here: https://nx.dev/reference/project-configuration#targets.

See the schema.json for the list of available options. This plugin uses cypress-cloud for integrating cypress to 3rd party services. Please refer to cypress-cloud documentation for additional details.

Setting the record key

You can set the record key in one of the following ways:

  • set key property in project.json
  • set recordKey in currents.config.js
  • set the CLI flag --recordKey
  • set CURRENTS_RECORD_KEY environment variable

Setting the project id

You can set the project Id as follows:

  • set projectId in currents.config.js
  • set CURRENTS_PROJECT_ID environment variable


Version 2.0.0

Version 1.0.0

  • @nx/cypress no longer required - the plugin is a standalone implementation that is not dependent on @nx/cypress. Use the available configuration options to configure the execution of cypress runs.


Create a new release (changelog, tags + github)

# run this command, review and stage the changelog
cd ./packages/nx && npm run release

Releasing beta channel:

npx nx publish nx --tag beta --otp CODE

Releasing latest channel:

npx nx publish nx --tag latest --otp CODE

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