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🧙‍♀️ Magic Potion Tester

A Node.js CLI for testing Curology's magic potion launch site take-home assignment.


We recommend using npx to run this CLI, as it will typically be used for one-off invocations.

npx @curology/magic-potion-tester

💾 Installation

To install and work with the CLI locally:

  • Pull down the repo and run npm ci to install dependencies
  • Run npm start to run the CLI locally

🤝 Contributing

Here is the workflow for contributing and publishing to npm:

  1. Create a PR, have it reviewed, and merge it into main
  2. Locally, checkout main and pull down the latest changes
  3. Update the package version using npm version <patch|major|minor>
  4. Update CHANGELOG.md with a summary of the changes included in the new release and use git commit --amend to bundle it with the package.json changes.
  5. Publish the package to npm via the command line: npm publish.
    • The credentials are in 1Password under npm curology
  6. Push these changes to main via git push
  7. Log in to Github and tag the latest release with the new version number.
    • Use v[TAGVERSION] as the title, e.g. v1.4.6
    • Fill in the description with included changes


npm i @curology/magic-potion-tester

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