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    What does it do?

    This library facilitates saving records to local files in JSON format. It will append a record to a json file and honor chronological rotation settings.

    How to install

    npm install --save @curium.rocks/json-chronicler

    How do I use it?

    Setup your options

    import {JsonChroniclerOptions} from "@curium.rocks/json-chronicler";
    const logOptions: JsonChroniclerOptions = {
        name: "yourLoggerName", // used for prefixing the log files
        logDirectory: "./logs", // path to your log directory
        rotationSettings: {
            days: 7,
            hours: 1,
            minutes: 5,
            milliseconds: 750
        } // sums all the properties and will rotate the logs on that interval

    Create and save a record

    import {JsonChronicler} from "@curium.rocks/json-chronicler";
    import {IChronicler} from "@curium.rocks/data-emitter-base";
    const chronciler: IChronicler = new JsonChronicler(logOptions);
    await chronciler.saveRecord({
        toJSON: () => {
            return {
                property1: 0.123,
                property2: "blue"

    Make your models compatible

    import {IJsonSerializable} from "@curium.rocks/data-emitter-base";
     * Example implementation of a model that could be directly passed to
     * a chronicler
    export class Model implements IJsonSerializable {
        private hidden = "will not be saved";
        private property1 = 0.123;
        private property2 = "blue";
         * Provide a map with the desired names and values
         * @return {Record<string, unknown>} map that will be serialized
        toJSON(): Record<string, unknown> {
            return {
                desiredSavedPropName1: this.property1,
                desiredSavedPropName2: this.property2


    npm i @curium.rocks/json-chronicler

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