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This lambda function posts granule metadata to CMR (Common Metadata Repository).

It will use the information contained in a metadata file on S3 and post that information to the CMR service. The S3 metadata file can be either ECHO10 xml metadata with extension .cmr.xml or UMM-G JSON with extension .cmr.json.

Metadata fields updated/managed by Cumulus

The move-granules task and the (api)granules.move function will both update the metadata files on S3. For UMM-G JSON metadata, RelatedUrls are updated, while ECHO10 XML metadata will maintain the metadata in OnlineAccessURLs.

A granule's files URL, and Type/Description for UMMG and URLDescription for ECHO10, are modified for each file in the granule based on its bucket location. The metadata URLs are based on the file bucket storage type. Files placed in protected buckets will get a url to the distribution endpoint. Files in public buckets will get direct https links. URLs not directly related to the granule's files are unmodified and preserved as they exist.

Message Configuration

For more information on configuring a Cumulus Message Adapter task, see the Cumulus workflow input/output documentation.


Config object fields:

field name type default description
bucket string (required) Name of S3 bucket containing public/private key pair to decrypt CMR credentials
process string (required) Process the granules went through
stack string (required) Name of deployment stack
cmr object (required) CMR credentials object


Input object fields:

field name type default description
granules array<object> (required) List of granule objects


Output object fields:

field name type default values description
granules array<object> N/A List of granule objects published to CMR
process string N/A Process the granules went through

About Cumulus

Cumulus is a cloud-based data ingest, archive, distribution and management prototype for NASA's future Earth science data streams.

Cumulus Documentation


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