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    Use this Docker image to run a Node.js Lambda function in AWS ECS.


    cumulus-ecs-task is a Docker image that can run Lambda functions as ECS services.

    When included in a Cumulus workflow and deployed to AWS, it will download a specified Lambda function, and act as an activity in a Step Functions workflow.


    This only works with Node.js Lambda functions, and requires that the Lambda function it is running has a dependency of at least v1.0.1 of cumulus-message-adapter-js.


    Like other Cumulus libraries, cumulus-ecs-task is designed to be deployed to AWS using kes to manage Cloudformation config. This documentation assumes you're working with a Cumulus deployment and that you have files and directory structure similar to what's found in the cumulus template repository.


    This library has two options:

    • activityArn required
      • The arn of the activity in a step functions workflow. Used to receive messages for that activity and send success/failure responses.
    • lambdaArn required
      • The arn of the lambda function you want to run in ECS.

    Workflow config

    For examples of how to integrate this image with Cumulus, please see the documentation and our example workflow in source.


    To run locally:

    npm start -- --activityArn <your-activity-arn> --lambdaArn <your-lambda-arn>

    To build the docker image:

    npm run build

    To run in Docker locally:

    docker run -e AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID='<aws-access-key>' \
      -e AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY='<aws-secret-key>' \
      cumuluss/cumulus-ecs-task \
      --activityArn <your-activity-arn> \
      --lambdaArn <your-lambda-arn>

    To test a workflow while developing locally

    You can execute workflows on AWS that test the version of cumulus-ecs-task that you're developing on locally.

    First, make sure that the ECS cluster for your deployment has zero tasks running that might respond to a workflow's requests.

    That way only your local version will respond to your workflow.

    Next, start ecs-cumulus-task locally.

    Either with node:

    npm start -- --activityArn <your-activity-arn> --lambdaArn <your-lambda-arn>

    Or with docker:

    # build the image
    npm run build
    # run the image
    docker run -e AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID='<aws-access-key>' \
      -e AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY='<aws-secret-key>' \
      cumuluss/cumulus-ecs-task \
      --activityArn <your-activity-arn> \
      --lambdaArn <your-lambda-arn>

    Finally, trigger a workflow. You can do this from the Cumulus dashboard, the Cumulus API, or with the AWS Console.


    SSH into the ECS container instance.

    Make sure the EC2 instance has internet access and is able to pull the image from docker hub by doing:

    docker pull cumuluss/cumulus-ecs-task:1.7.0

    cat the ecs config file to make sure credentials are correct:

    cat /etc/ecs/ecs.config

    Check if there's multiple entries of the config.

    If there is, there are two things to try:

    • Delete the ec2 instance and redeploy
    • Delete the incorrect config and restart the ecs agent (I haven't tested this much but I expect it to work. You'll still want to update the docker credentials in the deployment's app directory). Restart the agent by doing:
    sudo stop ecs
    source /etc/ecs/ecs.config
    sudo start ecs

    Create a release

    To create a release, first make sure the CHANGELOG.md file is updated with all the changes made.

    Next, bump the version and the changes will automatically be released upon merge to master.

    npm version <major|minor|patch|specific version>

    Create the build

    npm run build

    Release to Docker Hub

    npm run release


    See the CONTRIBUTING.md file.




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