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    Official Cucumber.js Pretty Formatter

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    The Cucumber.js pretty formatter logs your feature suite in its original Gherkin form. It offers custom style themes.


    The pretty formatter requires:

    • Node.js 10, 12, 14 or 15.

    • Cucumber.js 7.0 and above.

      npm install --save-dev @cucumber/pretty-formatter @cucumber/cucumber

    There are pretty formatters for older versions of Cucumber.


    cucumber-js -f @cucumber/pretty-formatter

    We recommend using Cucumber profiles to specify formatters.

    Theme customisation

    You can define your own colors by passing a theme format option:

    --format-options '{"theme": <THEME_JSON>}'

    Where THEME_JSON is in the following shape:

    {"feature keyword": ["magenta", "bold"], "scenario keyword": ["red"]}

    The customisable theme items are:

    • datatable border
    • datatable content
    • datatable: all data table elements (border and content)
    • docstring content: multiline argument content
    • docstring delimiter: multiline argument delimiter: """
    • feature description
    • feature keyword
    • feature name
    • location: location comments added to the right of feature and scenario names
    • rule keyword
    • rule name
    • scenario keyword
    • scenario name
    • step keyword
    • step message: usually a failing step error message and stack trace
    • step status: additional styles added to the built-in styles applied by Cucumber to non-passing steps status. Foreground colors have no effects on this item, background and modifiers do.
    • step text
    • tag

    You can combine all the styles you'd like from modifiers, foreground colors and background colors exposed by ansi-styles.

    Extending the Default Theme

    If you just want to tweak a few things about the default theme without redefining it entirely, you can grab the default theme in your cucumber.js config file and use it as the base for yours:

    const { DEFAULT_THEME } = require('@cucumber/pretty-formatter')
    module.exports = {
      default: {
        formatOptions: {
          theme: {
            'step text': 'magenta'

    Example Themes


    It could be called eco-friendly, cuz it's very green:

    --format-options '{"theme":{"datatable border":["green"],"datatable content":["green","italic"],"docstring content":["green","italic"],"docstring delimiter":["green"],"feature description":["green"],"feature keyword":["bold","green"],"rule keyword":["yellow"],"scenario keyword":["greenBright"],"scenario name":["green","underline"],"step keyword":["bgGreen","black","italic"],"step text":["greenBright","italic"],"tag":["green"]}}'

    Legacy pretty

    This was the theme offered by Ilya Kozhevnikov's pretty formatter, pre-Cucumber.js 7.x.

    --format-options '{"theme":{"feature keyword":["magenta","bold"],"scenario keyword":["magenta","bold"],"step keyword":["bold"]}}'

    We need more themes

    Please share your creations by forking, adding the theme to this section of the README and opening a pull request.

    Older Cucumber versions

    If you're using an older version of Cucumber.js, you'll need to use one of the previous pretty formatters:

    Cucumber.js 1 → 2

    The original pretty formatter used to ship with Cucumber. Simply specify it when invoking Cucumber:

    cucumber-js -f pretty

    Cucumber.js 3 → 6

    You can install cucumber-pretty, created by Ilya Kozhevnikov.

    • Cucumber.js 3, 4, 5: npm i --save-dev cucumber-pretty@1.5
    • Cucumber.js 6: npm i --save-dev cucumber-pretty@6

    Tell Cucumber to use it:

    cucumber-js -f cucumber-pretty


    This project is based on the original work of Ilya Kozhevnikov. It got migrated to TypeScript, upgraded for Cucumber.js 7+ that exposes cucumber-messages and is currently maintained by Julien Biezemans and the Cucumber team.




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