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Tools used to assist CSpell Development.

The Primary use of this tool is to build dictionaries used by cspell. This tool will convert a word list or a hunspell file into a file usable by cspell.


npm install -g @cspell/cspell-tools


cspell-tools-cli --help

To create a word list.

cspell-tools-cli compile keywords.txt -o ./dictionaries/

This will filter the words from keywords.txt and write them to ./dictionaries/keywords.txt.gz.

To create a trie file from a hunspell file.

cspell-tools-cli compile-trie english.dic

This will read and expand the english.dic file based upon the rules in english.aff into a new file called english.trie.gz

For large files, this process can take a long time and us a lot of memory.

The tool cspell-trie can be used to read the contents of a .trie or .trie.gz file.

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