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    📚 cryptr-spa.js

    Cryptr SDK for Single Page Applications using passwordless authentication



    Here is an example of CryptrConfig

    var config = {
      tenant_domain: 'your-domain',
      client_id: 'your-front-app-uuid',
      audience: 'http://localhost:8000',
      default_redirect_uri: 'http://localhost:8000/',
      cryptr_base_url: 'https://your_cryptr_server_url',
      default_locale: 'en',
      telemetry: false,
      dedicated_server: true,
      fixed_pkce: true,

    Explanation of config

    key Required/Optional type Default Description
    tenant_domain required string slug - Reference to your company entity
    client_id required uuid - Reference to your front app id
    audience required string URL - Root URL of your front app
    default_redirect_uri required string URL - Desired redirection URL after authentication process
    cryptr_base_url required string URL - URL of your Cryptr service
    default_locale Optional string locale en -
    dedicated_server Optional boolean false Contact Cryptr Team to set properly
    fixed_pkce Optional boolean false Contact Cryptr Team to set properly
    telemetry Optional boolean false Set to true if debug required with Cryptr Team
    --- --- --- --- ---

    ⚠️ fixed_pkce will be removed in the future 1.4.0 release version

    Cryptr Client Instance

    After building your config, create your Cryptr client as below:

    this.cryptrClient = await CryptrSpa.createClient(config)

    After this creation, a quick script is required, contact our team to get it.

    Open Session

    Magic link

    If you are interested in our Magic link solution, follow the below steps:

    To start the process call signInWithRedirect( scope = 'openid email profile', redirectUri, locale)


    Attribute Required/Optional type Default Description
    scope optional string openid email profile Desired OAuth scopes for user session
    redirectUri optional URL string this.config.default_redirect_uri Desired redirect url if different as default in config
    locale optional string this.config.default_locale Desired locale if different as default in config


    If you want to integrate SSO in your app for your client(s), follow the below steps:

    To start the process call signInWithSSOGateway(idpId, options)


    // Bare SSO Gateway
    // Single SSO login page
    signInWithSSOGateway('some_id_id', { locale: 'fr' })
    // SSO Gateway with idp ids provided
    signInWithSSOGateway(['some_id_id', 'other_idp_id'])

    | Attribute | Required/Optional | type | Default | Description | | --------- | ----------------- | ------- | --------- | ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- | ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- | | idpId | optional | string | string[] | - | If none set -> user will be redirected to Cryptr Gateway and will have to find its SSO by email or organization domain | | | | | | If one string set -> user will be redirected to Cryptr SSO login page related to IPD provided | | | | | | If string array set -> user will be redirected to Cryptr SSO gateway page with choices of IDP ids provided | | options | optional | Keyword | - | Can let you customize options such as locale, redirection etc |

    Close session

    When you want to let the user close its session (either Magic Link or SSO) proceed as follow:

    To start the process call logOut(callback, location, targetUrl)


    this.cryptrClient.logOut(() => {
      alert('you are logged out')
    Attribute Required/Optional type Default Description
    callback optional Function - Process to be called after log out process, ⚠️ Only available in Magic link process due to Redirect process in SSO
    location optional string URL window.location Current location
    targetUrl optional string URL window.location.href URL after Log out process

    Fetch User data

    You can retrieve current user data properties using getUser()



    This method will return you a struct with different properties such as email, user id or organization domain.

    For more information please contact us.


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