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    Crust Command Line

    The Crust command-line interface (Crust CLI) is a set of commands used to access Crust Network resources

    Quick Start

    Please refer this doc to see how Crust help to host your website without any servers.


    1. Login

    Secret seeds will be stored locally and won't be leaked by cli-itself.

    Login with Crust Account secret seeds(12/24 random words), it will be used to sign your publishing transaction.

    npx crust-cli login "vanish desert itch writer pretty unite wax wistful painful pine key bore"

    2. Pin

    If you are not familiar with IPFS, we highly recommend you to install the IPFS Desktop of Crust version

    Pin will add your file/folder to local IPFS. Make sure you installed IPFS and keep it running.

    npx crust-cli pin my-website/build/

    3. Publish

    Please login first, otherwise you will failed

    Publish will send a place storage order transaction to chain, and the storage nodes in Crust Network will help you to store your file through IPFS

    npx crust-cli publish QmevJf2rdNibZCGrgeyVJEM82y5DsXgMDHXM6zBtQ6G4Vj

    4. Status

    Status will help you to monitor your file on-chain

    npx crust-cli status QmevJf2rdNibZCGrgeyVJEM82y5DsXgMDHXM6zBtQ6G4Vj


    npm i @crustio/crust-cli

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