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    HRK 2 EUR Converter

    By joining the European union in 2013 Croatia also accepted an obligation to adopt Euro as the official national currency replacing Kuna. The current national plan is to replace Kuna with Euro at midnight 01.01.2023.

    A rough timetable is as follows:

    1. ~ 06.2022 fixed exchange rate at which conversion will be made is defined
    2. 01.07.2022 - 31.12.2022 - all documents (price lists etc.) should include values converted to EUR alongside HRK values
    3. 01.01.2023. - switchover of all currency to EUR
    4. 01.01.2023 - 31.12.2023 - all documents (price lists etc.) should include values converted to HRK alongside EUR values

    The same is true for web sites, shops and other web applications. Trying to find a simple solution to the challange that many web admins and developers will have to resolve, CROZ's team came up with an idea and developed a software solution in line with this vision:

    • FOR web app and website owners and developers
    • WHO WILL, due to the Croatian transition from Croatian kuna to EUR, have to display all amounts in both currencies on their websites
    • OUR "Very Smart Currency Converter (smile)"
    • IS a simple JavaScript script
    • THAT automatically finds all amounts in HRK (and in the second phase of the transition in EUR) on web pages, calculate and display the counter-values in other currency.
    • INSTEAD OF going through the entire development cycle of existing web applications and pages
    • OUR PRODUCT IS easy to install, simple to configure, and it is capable to change the mode of operation depending on the legal deadlines without compromising the look & feel of the website.


    This script can be used as an @croz/hrk2eur package npm or as a <script> tag from CDN.

    To use it in your npm project, type npm install @croz/hrk2eur, and add

    import {watchPrices} from @croz/hrk2eur

    to your main script.

    For a CDN usage add the following snippet at the end of your html file:

    <script src="https://unpkg.com/@croz/hrk2eur@1.0.3/dist/umd/main.js"></script>




    npm i @croz/hrk2eur

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