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    A dependency-free library to gracefully handle fetch requests.


    Tinka can be used as a standalone requirement or better yet as a basis for fully typed API SDKs.


    Clone this repository and install project dependencies.

    • npm install


    This package is tested using jest, which you can use via CLI or through most IDEs directly.

    • on CLI execute npm test to run the tests.

    This will also create a code coverage report at /coverage.

    For continuous testing use wallabyjs with our default configuration at ./wallaby.js

    Code styles

    This project uses tslint to enforce similar code styles across source and test files. Passing tslint validation is a CI requirement. You can run and validate your code style locally.

    • npm run lint lints all typescript files in the project.
    • npm run lint-fix to also fix most common errors automatically.

    The project also comes with project based code-style settings for intelliJ-based IDEs like PhpStorm, Webstorm etc. You can safely use their auto cleanup features.

    Build and deploy

    This package is automatically build and deployed using TravisCI and semantic-release. You can however test the process locally:

    • npm run build compile sources into all desired formats.
    • npm run pack to create the final package.

    Note: You'll have to edit package.json to include a version number of your choice. Don't check this in though as the version number is determined by semantic-release.




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