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    Simple reactive state management for frontends

    This project implements a very simple approach to manage state in user interfaces written in TypeScript.

    The simple approach uses the concept of observers to notify listeners of any change in state data.

    We have designed a SimpleStore class to hold state and handle notifications using actions.

    The SimpleStore class needs to be extended before use and this can be done in six steps:

    1. define the state interface (e.g. IState)
    2. define the summary interface (to perform post-calculations "reducer" based on loaded data; e.g. ISummary)
    3. define a function to generate a blank state (e.g. newZeroState)
    4. [optional] define a callback function to load initla state data (from server; e.g. onStart)
    5. [optional] define a callback function to make a summary out of state data ("reducer", e.g. onSummary)
    6. extend the SimpleStore class

    This is an example of how to extend SimpleStore:

    class User extends SimpleStore<Action, IState, null> {
      constructor() {
        super(actionNames, newZeroState);
      loadData = async (itemId: string) => {
        await this.updateState('loadData', async () => {
          if (itemId === 'leela') {
            this.state = {
              name: 'Leela',
              email: '',
          this.state = {
            name: 'Bender',
            email: '',

    Then the frontend application could use the store like so:

    // TODO


    See the examples directory. You may run them as follows:

    npm run --silent tsnode -- examples/example00.ts



    npm i @cpmech/simple-state

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