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    Encapsulates the setup required for customizing and adding additional entries to the localization dictionary

    Disclaimer: This component was built by the community at large and is not an official Coveo JSUI Component. Use this component at your own risk.


    1. @coveops/cli version 0.10.0 or later must be installed to support localization with this component.

    Getting Started

    1. Install the component into your project.
    npm i @coveops/localization-manager
    1. Use the Component or extend it


    import * as LocalizationManager from '@coveops/localization-manager';


    const LocalizationManager = require('@coveops/localization-manager');
    1. You can also expose the component alongside other components being built in your project.
    export * as LocalizationManager from '@coveops/localization-manager'
    1. Or for quick testing, you can add the script from unpkg
    <script src=""></script>

    Disclaimer: Unpkg should be used for testing but not for production.

    1. Expose the custom locale file using a script tag.

    This locale should correspond to the one you used with Coveo.

    <script src=""></script>

    The locales must match in order for localization to work. This can be automated using backend template rendering where suited by replacing the locale with a variable as relevant.

    <script src="locales/fr.js"></script>

    Adding the locales file generated by the build will expose a global LOCALES variable that can then be passed to the LocalizationManger to manage the remaining steps for you.

    1. Include the component in your template as follows:

    Add the following execution to your code once the page has initialized:


    If the component is being bundled amongst other components, it will be available on the Coveo object.


    Be sure to update the variables to have the relevant information.


    The following options can be configured:

    Option Required Type Default Notes
    locales Yes object An object containing all of the translations for the given locale.
    components No string[] An array of component names to target ex: DynamicFacet
    searchInterface No Element The search interface to target when setting up localization. By default, all search interfaces on the page will be targeted.
    options No object {} An object with additional options to configure as detailed in the following entries
    options.disableTargetting No boolean false Tells the localization manager to only set the global translation dictionary and not to pass the definitions as valueCaptions to targeted components. A targeted component can be specified with the components option or by specifying the target option with the create:translation command.

    Managing Translations

    With this component installed, and @coveops/cli version 0.10.0 or newer, the following CLI commands can be used to add localization to your project:

    1. Add locales for the languages you will support. Adding another language later on will create placeholders from your default language. By default the CLI uses en.
    npx @coveops/cli create:locales en fr
    1. Add translations for terms you want to replace.
    npx @coveops/cli create:translation City --en City --fr Ville
    1. Override translation terms for a given component or element with a queryable id.
    npx @coveops/cli create:translation City --en City --fr Ville --target DynamicFacet


    1. Clone the project
    2. Copy .env.dist to .env and update the COVEO_ORG_ID and COVEO_TOKEN fields in the .env file to use your Coveo credentials and SERVER_PORT to configure the port of the sandbox - it will use 8080 by default.
    3. Build the code base: npm run build
    4. Serve the sandbox for live development npm run serve




    npm i @coveops/localization-manager

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