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    Counted Tabs

    The Counted Tabs component appends to each tab its respective count of results and offers the option to hide tabs that have no content.

    Disclaimer: This component was built by the community at large and is not an official Coveo JSUI Component. Use this component at your own risk.

    Getting Started

    Testing the Component

    For quick testing, you can add the script from unpkg:

    <script src="https://unpkg.com/@coveops/counted-tabs@latest/dist/index.min.js"></script>

    Disclaimer: Unpkg should be used for testing but not for production.

    Using the Component

    1. Install the component into your project.

      npm i @coveops/counted-tabs
    2. Use the component or extend it:


      import { CountedTabs, ICountedTabsOptions } from '@coveops/counted-tabs';


      const CountedTabs = require('@coveops/counted-tabs').CountedTabs;
    3. You can also expose the component alongside other components being built in your project.

      export * from '@coveops/counted-tabs'
    4. Include the component in your template as follows:

      Place the component after the last tab in the coveo-tab-section.

      <div class="CoveoCountedTabs" data-field="@commontabs"></div>

    Coveo Pipelines Configuration

    In order for this component to work as expected, some changes will be necessary in your pipelines configuration on the Coveo Platform.


    A commontabs field needs to be added as a Multi-Value Facet. For more information on adding a field, you can start with this reference: Adding and Managing Fields.


    On each source displaying content in tabs, under manage mappings, add a semi-colon-separated list of all tab ids (as per your UI) that a given resource can see. For more information on mapping rules in Coveo, you can start with this reference: Adding and Managing Source Mappings.

    In more complex situations, it may be necessary to add the commontabs field on a per-document basis, in which case a new post-conversion extension will be necessary. You can get started with your Extension Script with this documentation reference: Coveo Cloud V2 Indexing Pipeline Extensions.


    The following options can be configured:

    Option Required Type Default Notes
    field Yes string The custom field added to all sources to normalize the tabs
    defaultTab No string All The id of the default designated default CoveoTab
    hideWhenEmpty No boolean true Hides a tab when the count of its items is 0
    countTemplate No string ${count} Applies basic formatting to the count value. For complex changes that require using html markup, see the formatCount method


    Extending the component can be done as follows:

    import { CountedTabs, ICountedTabsOptions } from "@coveops/counted-tabs";
    export interface IExtendedCountedTabsOptions extends ICountedTabsOptions {}
    export class ExtendedCountedTabs extends CountedTabs {
        protected shouldHideTab(tab: HTMLElement, defaultTabNbRes: number): boolean {
            return shouldHide;

    The following methods can be extended to provide additional functionalities or handle more complex use cases.


    protected shouldHideTab(tab: HTMLElement, defaultTabNbRes: number): boolean {}

    The shouldHideTab method defines the logic used to hide the tab based on the id and counts.


    protected formatCount(count)

    The formatCount method injects the count value for a given tab into the specified countTemplate. The value returned here will be shown as the count in the template.


    protected getCountElement(nbRes): HTMLElement 

    The getCountElement method returns the DOM element that will contain the formatted count.


    1. Clone the project
    2. Build the code base: npm run build
    3. Update the test organization ID and API Token and configure your port on the npm serve script in the package.json: --org-id <ORG_ID> --token <ORG_KEY> --port 8080
    4. Serve the sandbox for live development npm run serve




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