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    Playground Demo

    This is an environment to run dApps (state channel-based decentralized applications) using CF.js. It allows to showcase different demo apps, presenting a variety of use cases where state channels are applicable.

    You can see the app online at

    How do I run the Playground?

    Requirements 📋️

    Make sure your dependency tree and package builds is up-to-date. Run the following command at the monorepo's root directory:

    yarn && yarn build

    In order for the Playground to run at your workstation, you'll need:

    • A PostgreSQL database (>= 10.x)
    • A BIP39 mnemonic for the Server's funds account

    Check on the Simple Hub Server requirements before running the Playground.

    Running the Playground 🎪

    You can use the following command at the monorepo's root to run the following Playground components:

    yarn run:playground

    This command will run:

    Playing with bots 🤖

    In order to play either High Roller or Tic-Tac-Toe locally, you'll need to run a bot package. You can run a bot package by running its own yarn start command on its directory. Refer either to the High Roller or Tic-Tac-Toe's README files for any specific setup required by the bot.

    Once you have a bot up and running, you'll need to setup the Playground to force-matchmake with the bot's account. Since matchmaking works by choosing random users, it might not select the bot user when you click "Play" on the dApp.

    In order to force-matchmake, the Playground listens to a flag that can be set via Local Storage, called playground:matchmakeWith.

    Open the Playground's local URL, http://localhost:3334 and on your devtools's console, run the following command:

    // Use "HighRollerBot" or "TicTacToeBot" as value
    window.localStorage.setItem("playground:matchmakeWith", "<BotName>");

    Refresh the page and you should see a ⚠️ Using dev flags message in the header. If you click it, it'll bring up a modal. It should reflect the value you set with the command mentioned above.

    Now you're ready to play with a bot! 🤖

    If you want to stop force-matchmaking, simply delete the flag by clicking the "Unset" action on the "Using dev flags" modal or by entering this command at your browser's console:


    Be sure to refresh the page to apply the changes.

    Playing with a specific user 👪️

    You can use the same procedure described before to matchmake with a particular player. In order to do so, instead of using HighRollerBot or TicTacToe as the value of the flag, set it to the player's username.

    Known issues

    • When using Firefox or any browsers without full support to Custom Elements, you can run the project with ES5 transpiling enabled (it'll slow down the live rebuilding a bit but it'll work). To do so, modify the start NPM script and add the --es5 flag at the end of the command.




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