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    CorpsMap Argon

    Light CorpsMap Viewer library.

    This is the initial stages of development for the Argon mapping library. It's being built as a leaflet 1.0.2 plugin.

    Inspiration from npmap.js and mapbox.js

    More information will be added here as we get further along with setting up the library.

    Right now (11/28/2016) the project is a bare bones extension of leaflet, no custom controls have been added, but the build workflow is set up and works.

    UPDATE 02/21/2017 plugins have been built out and watchify is being used to auto-build the javascript during development, note that the styles are only compiled once at start up or when build-style is run.

    UPDATE 04/13/2017 fixed it up so that you can use the module via webpack installing from NPM.

    To Develop

    1. Git clone this repository
    2. cd corpsmap_argon
    3. npm install
    4. npm start -> starts up Watchify on the main.js file so changes will be auto built to /dist/corpsmap.js
    5. Open new terminal: cd corpsmap_argon/dist
    6. hs Note: Install http server globally(npm install http-server -g) to run hs command.
    7. Work away at localhost:8080

    To Build

    This will build an unminified, a minified and a source map into the /dist folder. (you may need to create the /dist folder)

    1. All the steps above
    2. npm run build

    Use via Webpack or Browserify in another project

    1. Install via NPM npm install @corpsmap/corpsmap_argon --save
    2. Import or require the module wherever you need it var leaflet = require('@corpsmap/corpsmap_argon') This will create the L global that you can use like you would in any other leaflet app.
    3. Import or require the css file for the theme of your choice available at /node_modules/@corpsmap/corpsmap_argon/dist/corpsmap-*.css into your main module.




    npm i @corpsmap/corpsmap_argon

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