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    Arc serverless framework ( plugin for compiling your functions with Parcel Bundler


    npm i @copper/plugin-parcel

    ⚠️ Known Issue(s)

    Arc Application Directory Structure

    Due to the way parcel flattens directory structures, if you only have one directory under src/ (i.e. only src/http), this plugin won't work. You need at least two directories under src/ with at least one .ts file within them (or in a further subtree below those directories) for the expected directory structure to be maintained. This is why the sample app has both @events and @http pragmas in it (to work around this issue).

    Order of Arc Plugins Matter

    You probably want to list this plugin last under the @plugins section of your app.arc because plugins are executed in the order that they appear in your application manifest. If you run this plugin before another plugin that creates Lambdas, then the Lambda function code from the plugin will not be bundled.


    After installing add @plugins and @parcel pragmas to your app.arc file:

    outDir dist
    get /

    Custom Paths / Aliases

    If you have custom aliases or paths set up for your project (i.e. you are using the compilerOptions.paths property of tsconfig.json, or you use the alias property inside your package.json) then you should also:

    1. Add a .babelrc file to the root of your project that will inform parcel of your custom path aliases, and
    2. Ensure your tsconfig.json uses parcel's tilde module resolution mechanism.

    Your .babelrc should look something like (note the module-resolver babel plugin is added automatically by this plugin):

      "plugins": [
        [ "module-resolver", {
          "root": [ "./" ],
          "alias": {
            "~": "./"
        } ]

    ... and a matching tsconfig.json would look like:

      "compilerOptions": {
        "allowJs": true,
        "baseUrl": ".",
        "rootDir": ".",
        "esModuleInterop": true,
        "module": "commonjs",
        "moduleResolution": "node",
        "paths": {
          "~/*": ["./*"]
        "resolveJsonModule": true,
        "target": "esnext"
      "exclude": [ "node_modules" ],
      "include": [ "src/**/*", "lib/*" ]

    With the above configuration, your arc Lambda functions can reference modules from ./lib (relative to arc project root) like so:

    import auth from '~/lib/auth';


    This plugin supports the following options under the @parcel pragma:

    Option Description Example
    outDir Required. The directory to write the bundled files to. This directory will be used at deploy-time before bundling your functions for deployment. outDir dist
    entry A glob representing the file that should be used as entry point into parcel. At arc deploy time, this pattern will be scoped to each Lambda function's directory before bundling each Lambda separately. At arc sandbox time, this pattern will be appended to src/**/ when setting up the parcel watcher process. If not specified the default will be index.ts. entry index.tsx?


    Running arc sandbox kicks up the local development server Architect provides. This plugin hooks into sandbox execution to watch and compile any typescript files located under your project's src/ directory (using the glob ./src/**/<entry option || index.ts>). It will create index.js files in each of your arc project's Lambda function folders on sandbox startup, and will remove those when sandbox shuts down.


    Running arc deploy will bundle all functions using parcel into your outDir-specified folder instead of ./src, and use the bundled code when deploying your functions to AWS.

    Sample Application

    There is a sample application located under sample-app/. cd into that directory, npm install and you can run locally via arc sandbox or deploy to the internet via arc deploy.


    npm i @copper/plugin-parcel

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