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    Convergence JWT Generator

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    This project helps users easily create a JavaScript Web Token (JWT) for logging into Convergence. JWTs allow Convergnece to trust that an external system has properly authenticated a user. Convergence uses asymetric RSA Public / Private keys to generate JWTs. Convergence will store your public key. You must store your private key in a safe place. The public / private key pair sets up trust between your application and Convergence.

    You can learn more about JWTs at http://jwt.io

    To create a JWT key for your domain log into the Convergence Administration Console. If you have questions about generating a JWT Key Pair please consult the Convergence Developer Guide


    npm install --save @convergence/jwt-util

    Example Usage

    The below demonstrates how you can generate a JWT in node using a private key stored on the filesystem.

    var fs = require('fs');
    var JwtGenerator = require('@convergence/jwt-util');
    // replace with your private key
    var privateKey = fs.readFileSync('test/private.key');
    // Replace with your key id
    var keyId = "my-convergence-key";
    var gen = new JwtGenerator(keyId, privateKey);
    // Provide optional information about the uers.
    var claims = {
      firstName: "John",
      lastName: "Doe"
    // Provide the username
    var username = "jdoe";
    // Generate the token
    var token = gen.generate(username, claims);


    npm i @convergence/jwt-util

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