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HTML Text Collaborative Extensions


A set of utilities that enhances a normal HTML <textarea> element with collaborative editing capabilities. The enhanced <textarea> is able to render the cursor and selection of other collaborators. A tooltip with the collaborator's username can be flashed when remote edits are made. The utility also allows for non-disruptive modification of the <textarea> where the local user's selection and cursor are not impacted by changes to the <textarea>contents.

This library has no dependency on Convergence. You are free to use whichever data synchronization library or technique fancies you :D


The animation below shows the basic functionality provided by this library.

demo graphic

You can see a live demo here (Convergence does the real-time sync). The code for it can be found here.


Install package with NPM and add it to your development dependencies:

npm install --save-dev @convergence/html-text-collab-ext

Textarea Line Height

For this utiity to work properly, your text area must have a valid numeric line height. Most user agents default to a value of 1.2, but this must be set explicitly. For example:

textarea {
  line-height: 1.2;

Failure to do so may result in the following error:

Text areas must have a numeric line-height.

Example Usage


    <textarea id="example">
    Some example text to edit.


const textarea = document.getElementById("example");
const textEditor = new HtmlTextCollabExt.CollaborativeTextArea({
  control: textarea,
  onInsert: (index, value) => console.log(`"${value}" was inserted at index ${index}`,
  onDelete: (index, length) => console.log(`"${length}" characters were deleted at index ${index}`,
  onSelectionChanged: (selection) => console.log(`selection was changed to ${JSON.stringify(selection)}`)

// Selection Management
const selectionManager = textEditor.selectionManager();

const collaborator = selectionManager.createCollaborator(
  "test", "Test User", "red", {anchor: 10, target: 20});
collaborator.setSelection({anchor: 5, target: 10});


// Text Modification

// Insert text at index 10
textEditor.insertText(10, "Inserted Text");

// Delete 5 charachters at index 10
textEditor.deleteText(10, 5);

// Set the entire value.
textEditor.setText("New textarea value");


  • Use npm install to install required dependencies.
  • Use npm run dist to build the distribution package.
  • Use npm start to start the example application.

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