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Convergence Command Line Interface

The Convergence CLI allows you to interact with a Convergence Server via a simple command line interface. The Convergence CLI is currently fairly limited in features containing only the functionality required to bootstrap a Convergence server. More functionality will be developed over the next several months.


npm install -g @convergence/convergence-cli


To get started you will need to add a server to interact with. For example, if using the docker based installation on your local workstation the command to add a server will likely look like this:

convergence servers add localhost https://localhost/rest/v1

If this is the first server you have added, it will be set as the active server. If other servers are already defined, then to use the server without passing a server flag, you will want to set it to be the active server, as shown below.

convergence use server localhost

Managing Convergence Users

In order to create your first Convergence user you will need to set the master api key for the server:

convergence server set masterApiKey "master_admin_api_key"

If using the local docker-compose, this will be the value of the convergence.rest.master-admin-api-key configuration located in the config/convergence/convergence-server.conf file. The default value is master_admin_api_key.

convergence admin get users
convergence admin create user
convergence admin delete user


If you wish to connect as an existing convergence user:

convergence server login

In order to log in, you must have previously created an API Key for your Convergence user. This can be done in the Convergence Admin Console under the profile page.

Managing Servers

convergence servers list
convergence servers add my-server-id https://localhost/rest/v1
convergence servers remove my-server-id

convergence server set url <a new url>

Domain Commands

convergence domain get users
convergence domain get groups

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