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    A function that test the provided values to see if they are equal. If the values are primitive types the comparison is the same as using ===. For complex types, such as arrays and objects, it also makes the comparison by value instead of by reference. By default JavaScript compares objects by reference. areEqual lets you compare them by value.


    npm install --save-dev @composi/uuid


    You compare primitive types or complex types:

    let num1 = 1
    let num2 = 1
    areEqual(num1, num2) // returns true
    let str1 = 'Some text'
    let str2 = 'Some text'
    areEqual(str1, str2) // returns true
    let bool1 = true
    let bool2 = true
    areEqual(bool1, bool2) // returns true
    let nullVal = null
    let undefinedVal
    areEqual(nullVal, undefinedVal) // returns false
    areEqual(0/0, NaN) // returns true

    You can compare arrays to see if they hold the same values:

    const array1 = [1, 2, 3]
    const array2 = [1, 2, 3]
    array1 === array2 // returns false because they are by reference.
    areEqual(array1, array2) // returns true because this is by value.

    You can compare objects to see if their properties and values are equal:

    const obj1 = {name: 'Joe'}
    const obj2 = {name: 'Joe'}
    obj1 === obj2 // returns false
    obj1 == obj2 // returns false
    areEqual(obj1, obj2) // returns true


    npm i @composi/are-equal

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