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Parsing a source file will generate the following information:

  • ESM: List of story named exports
  • ESM: Default export stories file information
  • MDX: List of <Story /> story tags
  • MDX: List of Frontammetr or <Meta /> stories file information
  • Source code extracted for the stories
  • Source code of the entire stories file
  • List of all attributes(ie parameters) passed to ESM/MDX stories
  • List of story function arguments passed to ESM/MDX stories
  • Usage location (in the source code) of the function arguments
  • Extract 'component' information for stories: import clause, source file, source location
  • Extract package.json repository information for the stories file
  • Extract package.json repository information for the components file (when the components and the stories and in different packages)


This package is usually installed as part of the @component-controls package, but you can also install it standalone to parse story files and extract information in a script

$ npm install @component-controls/instrument --save-dev



Defined in core/instrument/src/index.ts


parseStories(source: string, filePath: string, options?: InstrumentOptions): Promise‹Store›

Parse and instrument a javascript, typescript or MDX file of stories


Name Type Description
source string Source of the file to be instrumented
filePath string Resolved file path name.
options? InstrumentOptions Instrumenting options

Returns: Promise‹Store›

Default options

Defined in core/instrument/src/types.ts

defaultParserOptions: ParserOptions

plugins: "typescript" | "jsx"[] = ['jsx', 'typescript']

sourceType: "module" = "module"

defaultResolveOptions: ResolverOptions

extensions: string[] = ['.js', '.jsx', '.ts', '.tsx', '.vue', '.mjs', '.es', '.es6']

defaultComponentOptions: ComponentOptions

sourceFiles: boolean = true;

defaultStoriesOptions: StoriesOptions

sourceFiles: boolean = false;



Options that can control the parsing and instrumentation process

Defined in core/instrument/src/types.ts


components? : ComponentOptions

Options for extracting stories information.

stories? : StoriesOptions

Options for extracting component information.

extractPropsFn? : PropsInfoExtractor

optional module to extract prop tables information for components

parser? : ParserOptions

Options to control babel parser.

prettier? : PrettierOptions | false

prettier options are used to prettify the code at the end of the process this is useful for "story" code, where the story is extracted from the full file passing a value of false as prettier option will disabled prettifying

resolver? : ResolverOptions

Options to control resolving filenames.


extends InstrumentOptions) and adds options for mdx-js.


mdx? : MDXOptions

Options for mdx-js compiling


Options for extracting component information.

Defined in core/instrument/src/types.ts


resolveFile? : undefined | (componentName: string, filePath: string) => string | undefined;

Callback function to resolve the source file name of a component. Return false if this file should not be processed.

sourceFiles? : boolean

If set to false, will not save the component's source file.

package? : PackageInfoOptions | false

Otions for extracting repository information from the component's package,json file.


Options for extracting stories information.

Defined in core/instrument/src/types.ts


sourceFiles? : boolean

If set to false, will not save the stories's source file, only the source of each individual story.

package? : PackageInfoOptions | false

Options for extracting repository information from the component's package,json file.


Options to control the @babel/parser parsing process

Defined in /babel-parser/typings/babel-parser.d.ts


allowAwaitOutsideFunction? : undefined | false | true

By default, await use is not allowed outside of an async function. Set this to true to accept such code.

allowImportExportEverywhere? : undefined | false | true

By default, import and export declarations can only appear at a program's top level. Setting this option to true allows them anywhere where a statement is allowed.

allowReturnOutsideFunction? : undefined | false | true

By default, a return statement at the top level raises an error. Set this to true to accept such code.

allowSuperOutsideMethod? : undefined | false | true

allowUndeclaredExports? : undefined | false | true

By default, exported identifiers must refer to a declared variable. Set this to true to allow export statements to reference undeclared variables.

createParenthesizedExpressions? : undefined | false | true

By default, the parser adds information about parentheses by setting extra.parenthesized to true as needed. When this option is true the parser creates ParenthesizedExpression AST nodes instead of using the extra property.

plugins? : ParserPlugin[]

Array containing the plugins that you want to enable.

ranges? : undefined | false | true

Adds a ranges property to each node: [node.start, node.end]

sourceFilename? : undefined | string

Correlate output AST nodes with their source filename. Useful when generating code and source maps from the ASTs of multiple input files.

sourceType? : "script" | "module" | "unambiguous"

Indicate the mode the code should be parsed in. Can be one of "script", "module", or "unambiguous". Defaults to "script". "unambiguous" will make @babel/parser attempt to guess, based on the presence of ES6 import or export statements. Files with ES6 imports and exports are considered "module" and are otherwise "script".

startLine? : undefined | number

By default, the first line of code parsed is treated as line 1. You can provide a line number to alternatively start with. Useful for integration with other source tools.

strictMode? : undefined | false | true

Should the parser work in strict mode. Defaults to true if sourceType === 'module'. Otherwise, false.

tokens? : undefined | false | true

Adds all parsed tokens to a tokens property on the File node.


Options to control the prettier code formatting process

Defined in @types/prettier/index.d.ts


arrowParens? : "avoid" | "always"

Include parentheses around a sole arrow function parameter.

bracketSpacing? : undefined | false | true

Print spaces between brackets in object literals.

endOfLine? : "auto" | "lf" | "crlf" | "cr"

Which end of line characters to apply.

filepath? : undefined | string

Specify the input filepath. This will be used to do parser inference.

htmlWhitespaceSensitivity? : "css" | "strict" | "ignore"

How to handle whitespaces in HTML.

insertPragma? : undefined | false | true

Prettier can insert a special @format marker at the top of files specifying that the file has been formatted with prettier. This works well when used in tandem with the --require-pragma option. If there is already a docblock at the top of the file then this option will add a newline to it with the @format marker.

jsxSingleQuote? : undefined | false | true

Use single quotes in JSX.

parser? : BuiltInParserName | CustomParser

Specify which parser to use.

plugins? : string | Plugin[]

The plugin API is in a beta state.

printWidth?: number

Specify the line length that the printer will wrap on.

proseWrap? : boolean | "always" | "never" | "preserve"

By default, Prettier will wrap markdown text as-is since some services use a linebreak-sensitive renderer. In some cases you may want to rely on editor/viewer soft wrapping instead, so this option allows you to opt out.

quoteProps? : "as-needed" | "consistent" | "preserve"

Change when properties in objects are quoted.

rangeEnd? : undefined | number

Format only a segment of a file.

rangeStart? : undefined | number

Format only a segment of a file.

requirePragma? : undefined | false | true

Prettier can restrict itself to only format files that contain a special comment, called a pragma, at the top of the file. This is very useful when gradually transitioning large, unformatted codebases to prettier.

semi? : undefined | false | true

Print semicolons at the ends of statements.

singleQuote? : undefined | false | true

Use single quotes instead of double quotes.

tabWidth?: number

Specify the number of spaces per indentation-level.

trailingComma? : "none" | "es5" | "all"

Print trailing commas wherever possible.

useTabs?: boolean

Indent lines with tabs instead of spaces

vueIndentScriptAndStyle? : undefined | false | true

Whether or not to indent the code inside <script> and <style> tags in Vue files.

resolveConfigOptions? : *ResolvePrettierConfigOptions

Whether or not to indent the code inside <script> and <style> tags in Vue files.


Options to configure the process of finding the prettier config file

Defined in @types/prettier/index.d.ts


config? : undefined | string

Pass directly the path of the config file if you don't wish to search for it.

editorconfig? : undefined | false | true

If set to true and an .editorconfig file is in your project, Prettier will parse it and convert its properties to the corresponding prettier configuration. This configuration will be overridden by .prettierrc, etc. Currently, the following EditorConfig properties are supported:

  • indent_style
  • indent_size/tab_width
  • max_line_length

useCache? : undefined | false | true

If set to false, all caching will be bypassed.


Options to control the resolve import resolving utilities.

Defined in @types/resolve/index.d.ts

basedir? : undefined | string

directory to begin resolving from (defaults to __dirname)

extensions? : string | ReadonlyArray‹string›

array of file extensions to search in order (defaults to ['.js'])

isFile? : undefined | function

function to synchronously test whether a file exists

moduleDirectory? : string | ReadonlyArray‹string›

directory (or directories) in which to recursively look for modules. (default to 'node_modules')

package? : any

package.json data applicable to the module being loaded

packageFilter? : undefined | function

transform the parsed package.json contents before looking at the "main" field

pathFilter? : undefined | function

transform a path within a package

paths? : string | ReadonlyArray‹string›

require.paths array to use if nothing is found on the normal node_modules recursive walk (probably don't use this)

preserveSymlinks? : undefined | false | true

if true, doesn't resolve basedir to real path before resolving. This is the way Node resolves dependencies when executed with the --preserve-symlinks flag.

Note: this property is currently true by default but it will be changed to false in the next major version because Node's resolution algorithm does not preserve symlinks by default.

readFileSync? : undefined | function

how to read files synchronously (defaults to fs.readFileSync)


Options to control mdx-js.

Defined in @types/resolve/index.d.ts

footnotes? : boolean

enable footnotes

remarkPlugins? : any[]

specify remark plugins

hastPlugins? : any[]

specify rehype plugins

compilers? : any[]

specify markdown compilers

blocks? : string[]

regex for blocks, defaults to ['[a-z\.]+(\.){0,1}[a-z\.]']


Options for finding and extracting package.json informtation, applies both for components and stories.

Defined in core/instrument/src/types.ts


maxLevels? : number

Max levels of folders to look up to find the package.json file.

packageJsonName? : string

package.json alternative name

browseLink? : ComponentFileOption

Whether to save the link for browsing the file in the repository field.

browseLink? : ComponentFileOption

Whether to save the link for project readme file in the repository field.

browseLink? : ComponentFileOption

Whether to save the link for filing issues with the project in the repository field.


(fileName: string, componentName?: string, source?: string) => PropTypes | undefined;

Callback function to extract props info table - ie docgen type libraries. Used to extract displayName, and props tables for a component

Defined in core/instrument/src/types.ts


boolean | (name: string, fileName?: string) => string;

Custom option to extract component and doc files

Defined in core/instrument/src/types.ts


fileName : string

Full name and path of the component path. react-docgen needs it to extract babel configurations

componentName? : string

Optional component name. react-docgen-typescript supports multiple exports for a file. react-docgne does not use it.

source? : string

Optional soure, saves time if its already loaded. react-docgen accepts source as input parameter. react-docgen-typescript does not use it.




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