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GitHub Labels


A cli for managing GitHub labels.

Getting Started

  1. Install the Label Manager

with npm:

npm install @commercetools/github-labels --save-dev
  1. Define the authentication token

Generate a new GitHub AUTH_TOKEN and write it into your .env file. The token should only need the public_repo scope (for public repositories) or repo (for private repositories).

  1. Initialize the labels config

If you don't have a labels config file yet, you can initialize one by running:

github-labels init

Manage your labels

GitHub labels are managed through the labels config file. The config must be in JSON format and can be defined in the following files:

  • package.json, under the name github-labels
  • .github-labelsrc
  • .github-labelsrc.json

If you don't have this file yet, follow the given instructions above. In this file, you can see all your current label data. If you want to change something on your labels, just modify the file as you like. After modifying, save your changes and run the command below:

github-labels sync

This will synchronize the config file with your GitHub repository. If you want to see your changes, just go to your label settings on GitHub to see your current labels.

Config structure:

  "id": 1336719046,
  "name": "bug",
  "color": "8eedc7",
  "description": "Something isn't working"

Required fields:

Data Required Type
id no Id (Created by GitHub)
name yes String (Native emojis can be added)
color yes String (hexadecimal color code without the leading #)
description no String

Reuse the same config across different repositories

If you have installed github-labels in your repository, yo can simply copy-paste the .github-labelsrc.json file into your new repository. After that, remove the ids of each label and synchronize them with GitHub:

github-labels sync

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