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    A component which allows building collapsible elements with an arbitrary height. The component can be controlled or uncontrolled, depending if the isClosed props is defined or not. A controlled component requires the onToggle prop additionally.


    Animating a div from height: 0 to height: auto is something the browser will refuse to do out of the box, because calculations of this animation would be expensive. There are many existing workaround which all have their different tradeoffs.

    CollapsibleMotion uses a nice workaround which allows the browser to run this animation. CollapsibleMotion measures the resulting since and then animates between height: 0 and the resulting size (at 99% of the animation). At the end of the animation, it sets the height back to auto.

    This component also supports passing in a minHeight prop. By default this is 0.

    Technically, we need to dynamically create the keyframes for this animation.


    yarn add @commercetools-uikit/collapsible-motion
    npm --save install @commercetools-uikit/collapsible-motion

    Additionally install the peer dependencies (if not present)

    yarn add react
    npm --save install react


    import CollapsibleMotion from '@commercetools-uikit/collapsible-motion';
    const Example = () => (
        {({ isOpen, toggle, containerStyles, registerContentNode }) => (
            <button data-testid="button" onClick={toggle}>
              {isOpen ? 'Close' : 'Open'}
            <div data-testid="container-node" style={containerStyles}>
              <div data-testid="content-node" ref={registerContentNode}>
    export default Example;


    Props Type Required Default Description
    children Function
    See signature.
    A render function, called with the following named arguments: isOpen (boolean), toggle (function), containerStyles (css-in-js object), registerContentNode (React reference to be used on the animated container).
    Siganture: ({ isOpen, containerStyles, toggle, registerContentNode }) => React.node
    isClosed boolean Determines the state of the toggle isOpen. Setting this prop will make the component controlled
    onToggle Function
    See signature.
    A callback function called when the toggle function is called. This prop is required when the component is controlled.
    minHeight number 0 The minimal height of the container being animated.
    isDefaultClosed boolean The initial value to the internal toggle state isOpen.


    Signature children

    (options: TRenderFunctionOptions) => ReactNode;

    Signature onToggle

    () => void


    npm i @commercetools-uikit/collapsible-motion

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