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    A React component that you can use to wrap your buttons in an accessible <button/> element.


    yarn add @commercetools-uikit/accessible-button
    npm --save install @commercetools-uikit/accessible-button

    Additionally install the peer dependencies (if not present)

    yarn add react
    npm --save install react


    import AccessibleButton from '@commercetools-uikit/accessible-button';
    // The `AccessibleButton` component is intended to be used as a wrapper
    // for your actual button component.
    const Example = (props) => (
      <AccessibleButton label="Log in" onClick={() => {}}>
        Log in
    export default Example;


    Props Type Required Default Description
    as union
    Possible values:
    string , ComponentType
    By default the component renders a button element. You can pass an optional React.ElemenType in case this needs to be rendered as a different element.
    id string The ID of the element.
    type union
    Possible values:
    'submit' , 'reset' , 'button'
    'button' The type of the button element.
    label string The aria-label value.
    children ReactNode Any React node.
    isToggleButton boolean false If true, indicates that this is a toggle button.
    isToggled boolean false If true, indicates that this element is in a toggled state.
    This prop is only used if isToggleButton is true.
    isDisabled boolean If true, indicates that the element is in a disabled state.
    className string Allow to override the styles by passing a className prop.
    Custom styles can also be passed using the css prop from emotion.
    onClick Function
    See signature.
    Event handler when the button is clicked, or the user presses ENTER or SPACE.
    buttonAttributes Record {} Any HTML attributes to be forwarded to the HTML element.


    Signature onClick

      event: MouseEvent<HTMLButtonElement> | KeyboardEvent<HTMLButtonElement>
    ) => void

    How does it work?

    Using a <button/>

    If you can use a native HTML element or attribute with the semantics and behavior you require already built in, instead of re-purposing an element and adding an ARIA role, state or property to make it accessible, then do so.

    This means that instead of using a <div/> to create a button we should use the <button/> element.

    The problem with using the <button/> element for creating a button is that in some browsers the <button/> element cannot be used as a flex container.

    To solve both problems at once we need to nest a <div/> inside the <button/>. This <div/> contains the actual button content, like the label and/or an icon.

    Toggle buttons

    In order to indicate to screen readers that a button is a toggle button — meaning that it will keep the active state once clicked — you need to set the aria-pressed attribute accordingly.

    This is automatically done when you specify the isToggled property. If this prop is omitted though we don't set the aria-pressed attribute at all so screen readers to not mistake our button for a toggle button.

    Icon buttons

    In order for screen readers to know what a button does we need to provide a proper label. The <button/> element is able to figure out the aria-label on its own for simple buttons that only contain text.

    For buttons that contain an icon however the default aria-label would also contain the icon, which probably our screenreader does not know how to read out 😉.

    So we need to manually set the aria-label attribute. You need to do so by providing the label prop.

    Disabled buttons

    In order for screen readers to know if your button is disabled we need to set the aria-disabled and disabled attributes on the button. We do so automatically if you set the isDisabled prop to true.



    npm i @commercetools-uikit/accessible-button

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