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Dato Content Model Importer

A Node JS library that lets you import Commerce Layer content model into DatoCMS.

What is Commerce Layer?

Commerce Layer is a headless platform that lets you easily build enterprise-grade ecommerce into any website, by using the language, CMS, and tools you already master and love.

Table of contents

How it works

This content model importer is the fastest and easiest way to import a specific content model — brought to you by Commerce Layer — into your DatoCMS project.

This importer is built for Node.js and doesn't run in the browser.

Getting Started

To be ready to use the Dato Content Model Importer, you need to install it and then get the credentials that will allow you to manage your DatoCMS project.


Dato Content Model Importer is available as an npm package:

// npm
npm install @commercelayer/dato-content-model-importer

// yarn
yarn add @commercelayer/dato-content-model-importer


You can use the ES6 default import as follows:

import contentModelImporter from '@commercelayer/dato-content-model-importer'


The importer function

The contentModelImporter function returns a promise and you need to pass to it as a parameter a string containing your DatoCMS full-access API token:

contentModelImporter('your-full-access-token').then((result) => {

Successful import into DatoCMS

The returned array

The promise returned by the contentModelImporter function is an array containing the list of all the objects created in DatoCMS to set up the content model:

    name: 'Variant',
    apiKey: 'variant',
    fields: [...]
    name: 'Size',
    apiKey: 'size',
    fields: [...]
    name: 'Product',
    apiKey: 'product',
    fields: [...]
    name: 'Taxon',
    apiKey: 'taxon',
    fields: [...]
    name: 'Taxonomy',
    apiKey: 'taxonomy',
    fields: [...]
    name: 'Catalog',
    apiKey: 'catalog',
    fields: [...]
    name: 'Country',
    apiKey: 'country',
    fields: [...]


This repository is published under the MIT license.

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