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    @colors/colors ("colors.js")

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    Please check out the roadmap for upcoming features and releases. Please open Issues to provide feedback.

    get color and style in your node.js console



    npm install @colors/colors

    colors and styles!

    text colors

    • black
    • red
    • green
    • yellow
    • blue
    • magenta
    • cyan
    • white
    • gray
    • grey

    bright text colors

    • brightRed
    • brightGreen
    • brightYellow
    • brightBlue
    • brightMagenta
    • brightCyan
    • brightWhite

    background colors

    • bgBlack
    • bgRed
    • bgGreen
    • bgYellow
    • bgBlue
    • bgMagenta
    • bgCyan
    • bgWhite
    • bgGray
    • bgGrey

    bright background colors

    • bgBrightRed
    • bgBrightGreen
    • bgBrightYellow
    • bgBrightBlue
    • bgBrightMagenta
    • bgBrightCyan
    • bgBrightWhite


    • reset
    • bold
    • dim
    • italic
    • underline
    • inverse
    • hidden
    • strikethrough


    • rainbow
    • zebra
    • america
    • trap
    • random


    By popular demand, @colors/colors now ships with two types of usages!

    The super nifty way

    var colors = require('@colors/colors');
    console.log('hello'.green); // outputs green text
    console.log('i like cake and pies'; // outputs red underlined text
    console.log('inverse the color'.inverse); // inverses the color
    console.log('OMG Rainbows!'.rainbow); // rainbow
    console.log('Run the trap'.trap); // Drops the bass

    or a slightly less nifty way which doesn't extend String.prototype

    var colors = require('@colors/colors/safe');
    console.log('hello')); // outputs green text
    console.log('i like cake and pies')); // outputs red underlined text
    console.log(colors.inverse('inverse the color')); // inverses the color
    console.log(colors.rainbow('OMG Rainbows!')); // rainbow
    console.log(colors.trap('Run the trap')); // Drops the bass

    I prefer the first way. Some people seem to be afraid of extending String.prototype and prefer the second way.

    If you are writing good code you will never have an issue with the first approach. If you really don't want to touch String.prototype, the second usage will not touch String native object.

    Enabling/Disabling Colors

    The package will auto-detect whether your terminal can use colors and enable/disable accordingly. When colors are disabled, the color functions do nothing. You can override this with a command-line flag:

    node myapp.js --no-color
    node myapp.js --color=false
    node myapp.js --color
    node myapp.js --color=true
    node myapp.js --color=always
    FORCE_COLOR=1 node myapp.js

    Or in code:

    var colors = require('@colors/colors');

    Console.log string substitution

    var name = 'Beowulf';
    console.log('Hello %s'), name);
    // outputs -> 'Hello Beowulf'

    Custom themes

    Using standard API

    var colors = require('@colors/colors');
      silly: 'rainbow',
      input: 'grey',
      verbose: 'cyan',
      prompt: 'grey',
      info: 'green',
      data: 'grey',
      help: 'cyan',
      warn: 'yellow',
      debug: 'blue',
      error: 'red'
    // outputs red text
    console.log("this is an error".error);
    // outputs yellow text
    console.log("this is a warning".warn);

    Using string safe API

    var colors = require('@colors/colors/safe');
    // set single property
    var error =;
    error('this is red');
    // set theme
      silly: 'rainbow',
      input: 'grey',
      verbose: 'cyan',
      prompt: 'grey',
      info: 'green',
      data: 'grey',
      help: 'cyan',
      warn: 'yellow',
      debug: 'blue',
      error: 'red'
    // outputs red text
    console.log(colors.error("this is an error"));
    // outputs yellow text
    console.log(colors.warn("this is a warning"));

    Combining Colors

    var colors = require('@colors/colors');
      custom: ['red', 'underline']

    Protip: There is a secret undocumented style in colors. If you find the style you can summon him.


    npm i @colors/colors

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