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    Persist Vuex state with localStorage.

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    $ npm install vuex-persistedstate


    Edit vuex-persistedstate

    import createPersistedState from "vuex-persistedstate";
    const store = new Vuex.Store({
      // ...
      plugins: [createPersistedState()]


    It is possible to use vuex-persistedstate with Nuxt.js. Due to the order code is loaded in, vuex-persistedstate must be included as a NuxtJS plugin:

    // nuxt.config.js
    plugins: [{ src: '~/plugins/localStorage.js', ssr: false }]
    // ~/plugins/localStorage.js
    import createPersistedState from 'vuex-persistedstate'
    export default ({store}) => {
          key: 'yourkey',
          paths: [...]



    Creates a new instance of the plugin with the given options. The following options can be provided to configure the plugin for your specific needs:

    • key <String>: The key to store the persisted state under. (default: vuex)

    • paths <Array>: An array of any paths to partially persist the state. If no paths are given, the complete state is persisted. (default: [])

    • reducer <Function>: A function that will be called to reduce the state to persist based on the given paths. Defaults to include the values.

    • subscriber <Function>: A function called to setup mutation subscription. Defaults to store => handler => store.subscribe(handler)

    • storage <Object>: Instead for (or in combination with) getState and setState. Defaults to localStorage.

    • getState <Function>: A function that will be called to rehydrate a previously persisted state. Defaults to using storage.

    • setState <Function>: A function that will be called to persist the given state. Defaults to using storage.

    • filter <Function>: A function that will be called to filter any mutations which will trigger setState on storage eventually. Defaults to () => true

    • arrayMerger <Function>: A function for merging arrays when rehydrating state. Defaults to function (store, saved) { return saved } (saved state replaces supplied state).

    Customize Storage

    If it's not ideal to have the state of the Vuex store inside localstorage. One can easily implement the functionality to use cookies for that (or any other you can think of);

    Edit vuex-persistedstate with js-cookie

    import { Store } from "vuex";
    import createPersistedState from "vuex-persistedstate";
    import * as Cookies from "js-cookie";
    const store = new Store({
      // ...
      plugins: [
          storage: {
            getItem: key => Cookies.get(key),
            // Please see, on how to handle JSON.
            setItem: (key, value) =>
              Cookies.set(key, value, { expires: 3, secure: true }),
            removeItem: key => Cookies.remove(key)

    In fact, any object following the Storage protocol (getItem, setItem, removeItem, etc) could be passed:

    createPersistedState({ storage: window.sessionStorage });

    This is especially useful when you are using this plugin in combination with server-side rendering, where one could pass an instance of dom-storage.

    ⚠️ LocalForage ⚠️

    As it maybe seems at first sight, it's not possible to pass a LocalForage instance as storage property. This is due the fact that all getters and setters must be synchronous and LocalForage's methods are asynchronous.


    MIT © Robin van der Vleuten


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