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CodeX Icons

Dozens of cute icons made with love by CodeX for your projects.

No dependencies required. Free to use and share.



Install the package with node package manager.

npm install @codexteam/icons

yarn add @codexteam/icons

And import required icons.

import { IconH1 } from '@codexteam/icons';


You will get the line: <svg xmlns="http://www.w3.org/2000/svg" ...

List of icons

Icon Name
IconH1 IconH1
IconH2 IconH2
IconH3 IconH3
IconH4 IconH4
IconH5 IconH5
IconH6 IconH6
IconAddBackground IconAddBackground
IconAddBorder IconAddBorder
IconAlignCenter IconAlignCenter
IconAlignJustify IconAlignJustify
IconAlignLeft IconAlignLeft
IconAlignRight IconAlignRight
IconBold IconBold
IconBrackets IconBrackets
IconCheck IconCheck
IconChecklist IconChecklist
IconChevronDown IconChevronDown
IconChevronLeft IconChevronLeft
IconChevronRight IconChevronRight
IconChevronUp IconChevronUp
IconClipboard IconClipboard
IconCollapse IconCollapse
IconColor IconColor
IconCopy IconCopy
IconCross IconCross
IconCurlyBrackets IconCurlyBrackets
IconDelimiter IconDelimiter
IconDirectionDownRight IconDirectionDownRight
IconDirectionLeftDown IconDirectionLeftDown
IconDirectionRightDown IconDirectionRightDown
IconDirectionUpRight IconDirectionUpRight
IconDotCircle IconDotCircle
IconEtcHorisontal IconEtcHorisontal
IconEtcVertical IconEtcVertical
IconFile IconFile
IconGift IconGift
IconGlobe IconGlobe
IconHeading IconHeading
IconHeart IconHeart
IconHidden IconHidden
IconHtml IconHtml
IconInstagram IconInstagram
IconItalic IconItalic
IconLink IconLink
IconLinkedin IconLinkedin
IconListBulleted IconListBulleted
IconListNumbered IconListNumbered
IconLoader IconLoader
IconMarker IconMarker
IconMenuSmall IconMenuSmall
IconMenu IconMenu
IconPicture IconPicture
IconPlay IconPlay
IconPlus IconPlus
IconQuestion IconQuestion
IconQuote IconQuote
IconRedo IconRedo
IconRemoveBackground IconRemoveBackground
IconReplace IconReplace
IconSave IconSave
IconSearch IconSearch
IconStar IconStar
IconStretch IconStretch
IconStrikethrough IconStrikethrough
IconTableWithHeadings IconTableWithHeadings
IconTableWithoutHeadings IconTableWithoutHeadings
IconTable IconTable
IconText IconText
IconTranslate IconTranslate
IconTrash IconTrash
IconTwitter IconTwitter
IconUnderline IconUnderline
IconUndo IconUndo
IconUnlink IconUnlink
IconUser IconUser
IconUsersGroup IconUsersGroup
IconWarning IconWarning

How to add an icon

  • Request an icon you need via an Issue
  • Or add your icon and open a PR




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