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Find and lint complex code patterns effortlessly

What is CodeQue?

CodeQue is semantic code search engine that understands the code syntax.

It matches code structurally which makes it excellent for more complex queries.

Query language offers wildcards, partial matching and ignores code formatting.

Structural code search is available for JavaScript, TypesScript, HTML, CSS, Python, Lua and more soon.

Text code search with handy wildcards is available for every language and covers common regex search use cases.

Give it a try in playground

Just paste code snippet to start searching, no installation needed!


CodeQue is available as:

All CodeQue tools work offline hence code never leaves your local environment.

Coming soon

CodeQue will be soon available as:

  • Duplicated code identification
  • Batch code refactoring
  • Advanced ESLint rule creator

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It's internal package and it's not meant to be used directly.

The exposed API might have breaking changes between releases.

To use CodeQue check available platforms listed above.

Support and feedback

Feel free to use Github Issues to

  • ask for help with writing a query
  • report a bug or doubt
  • suggest feature or improvement

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