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Key features

This package layouts text and returns the result as an UInt8Array of pixels. It supports:

  • custom image dimensions
  • custom (TrueType) font, font size and color
  • text positioning, custom text bounding box
  • any combination of vertical and horizontal alignment


The package provides a render function that returns an UInt8Array of pixels:

const { readFileSync } = requir("fs");
const { join } = require("path");
const wlt = require("@codepunkt/wasm-layout-text");

const font = readFileSync(join(__dirname, "myfont.ttf"));

const buffer = wlt.render(
  // text, size, color, ttf font buffer
  new wlt.Text("Hello world", 64, new wlt.RgbColor(91, 214, 123), font),
  // image dimension
  new wlt.Dimension(1200, 630),
  // text bounds
  new wlt.Dimensions(1100, 530),
  // text position
  new wlt.Position(50, 50),
  // text alignment
  new wlt.Alignment(wlt.HorizontalAlign.Left, wlt.VerticalAlign.Top)

You can then use Jimp or other image processing libraries to

  • load this buffer
  • combine it with other buffers (such as a background image or additional text generated by this package)
  • save to image file


Contributions are welcome! A JavaScript usage example with Jimp is available in the example directory.

There are a few make tasks, most notably:

  • make build: will build rust code from ./src to JavaScript code in ./pkg (using wasm-pack)
  • make node: executes the example code with Node.js and uses the local JavaScript package from .pkg to render all alignment permutations (expects the ./pkg folder to exist)




npm i @codepunkt/wasm-layout-text

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