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    This package implements Markdown language support for the CodeMirror code editor.

    The project page has more information, a number of examples and the documentation.

    This code is released under an MIT license.

    We aim to be an inclusive, welcoming community. To make that explicit, we have a code of conduct that applies to communication around the project.

    API Reference

    markdown(config⁠?: Object = {}) → LanguageSupport

    Markdown language support.

    defaultCodeLanguage⁠?: Language | LanguageSupport

    When given, this language will be used by default to parse code blocks.

    codeLanguages⁠?: readonly LanguageDescription[] | fn(infostring) → Language | LanguageDescription | null

    A source of language support for highlighting fenced code blocks. When it is an array, the parser will use LanguageDescription.matchLanguageName with the fenced code info to find a matching language. When it is a function, will be called with the info string and may return a language or LanguageDescription object.

    addKeymap⁠?: boolean

    Set this to false to disable installation of the Markdown keymap.

    extensions⁠?: MarkdownExtension

    Markdown parser extensions to add to the parser.

    base⁠?: Language

    The base language to use. Defaults to commonmarkLanguage.

    markdownLanguage: Language

    Language support for GFM plus subscript, superscript, and emoji syntax.

    commonmarkLanguage: Language

    Language support for strict CommonMark.

    insertNewlineContinueMarkup: StateCommand

    This command, when invoked in Markdown context with cursor selection(s), will create a new line with the markup for blockquotes and lists that were active on the old line. If the cursor was directly after the end of the markup for the old line, trailing whitespace and list markers are removed from that line.

    The command does nothing in non-Markdown context, so it should not be used as the only binding for Enter (even in a Markdown document, HTML and code regions might use a different language).

    deleteMarkupBackward: StateCommand

    This command will, when invoked in a Markdown context with the cursor directly after list or blockquote markup, delete one level of markup. When the markup is for a list, it will be replaced by spaces on the first invocation (a further invocation will delete the spaces), to make it easy to continue a list.

    When not after Markdown block markup, this command will return false, so it is intended to be bound alongside other deletion commands, with a higher precedence than the more generic commands.

    markdownKeymap: readonly KeyBinding[]

    A small keymap with Markdown-specific bindings. Binds Enter to insertNewlineContinueMarkup and Backspace to deleteMarkupBackward.



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