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    Sketch Framework

    Framework used to create a hot reloading canvas for art development using the @code-not-art/core canvas drawing library.

    While this runs as a standalone dev environment, it is used as the foundation for @code-not-art/template which provides a blank canvas to easily make your own generative works. If you are looking to write some code that makes some art, start there instead.

    Quick Start

    1. Clone to your computer - How To

    2. Install dependencies with npm:

      npm ci
    3. Start development server:

      npm start

      The server will run on localhost:1234.

    4. The page will render the sketch defined in src/demos/sketch.ts. Open this file your editor of choice and write your sketch there. The server will watch for changes to the file, drawing to the canvas on the browser whenever you save your work.

      Other demo sketches to play with are in that demos folder, but need to be imported into src/demo.tsx and added as a prop into the App element.

    Sketch Interface and Controls

    Key Action
    s Save the current image
    u Shareable image URL - Create a shareable URL and copy that link to your clipboard
    m Show/Hide Parameter Menu
    space Draw new image with random image and color seeds.
    Move to next color seed, or generate a new one if at end of list. Draw new image.
    Move to previous color seed. Draw new image.
    Move to next image seed, or generate a new one if at end of list. Draw new image.
    Move to previous image seed. Draw new image.
    c Generate new color seed. Draw new image.
    i Generate new image seed. Draw new image.

    The Sketch Interface (AKA. writing your sketch)

    The canvas expects a prop of the Sketch type. This interface allows you to provide configuration details for your sketch (config), and interactable parameters that you can update in browser (params). There are several methods for available for you to implement that will interact with the canvas and the seeded random generators provided by the framework. The only one of these that are absolutely required to provide is the draw(props) method, all others have sensible (mostly empty) defaults. To summarize the contents of Sketch:

    Property Type Required Description Default
    config JSON matching type Config No Configure image and project properties such as canvas size. Image size: 1080x1080
    Random Seed (based on DateTime)
    FrameRate: 60
    params An array of Param objects. No Adds adjustable parameters for the sketch to the Menu in the browser. No interactive parameters
    init(props) Function providing SketchProps No Runs when sketch is first passed to the Canvas allowing for expensive up front work to be done once and not repeated when new images are generated. No operations performed.
    reset(props) Function providing SketchProps No Runs when user requests a new image to be drawn. Use this to reset any data as needed between draws. Clears the canvas back to empty (all transparent).
    draw(props) Function providing SketchProps Yes The main drawing actions of the sketch. This is run after init. When a user requests a new image to be generated this will run again after reset. -
    loop(props, frameData) Function providing SketchProps and FrameData. No Will be called every frame of the animation loop controlled by the page. The framerate will attempt to match the value specified in config. No operations performed.


    The SketchProps are provided provided to every function in the Sketch definition. They provide access to the Canvas, and to the seeded Random generators. The full list of properties available and links to their code or documentation is:

    Property Type Description
    canvas @code-not-art/core.Canvas Provides access to the canvas and 2D context directly, plus all the drawing tools provided by the code-not-art core library.
    rng @code-not-art/core.Random Random number generator provided the image seed
    palette Palette Random Color Palette with 5 randomly selected colors. Changing the color seed will update the colors in the palette without affecting the random seed of the rng Random generator provided in the SketchProps
    params StringMap<any> The values for the parameters provided in the sketch definition. If these are updated in the UI then this params object will have the updated values.
    data StringMap<any> An object with no defined shape that can be used to store data that will not be reset between draw/loop calls and will persist across hot-reloads. This is particularly useful when writing loops to store state that persists from frame to frame.


    npm i @code-not-art/sketch

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