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    Dance Party

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    Steps to get up and running

    git clone
    cd dance-party
    nvm install
    nvm use
    npm install
    npm run dev

    At this point the app will be running at localhost:8080. Open the developer tools in Chrome and you can access the API via nativeAPI.*

    If you want to make changes locally in dance-party and have them show up in your apps build, do the following

    • In the dance-party directory yarn link
    • In the apps directory yarn link @code-dot-org/dance-party

    This will set up a symlink in apps/node_modules to point at your local changes. Run npm run build in dance-party, and then the apps build should pick the changes up next time it builds.

    To debug unit tests in the Chrome debugger: node --inspect --debug-brk ./node_modules/.bin/tape ./test/unit/*.js Open chrome://inspect in Chrome browser (requires Chrome 55+) Tap on inspect link under "Remote Target"

    Additional build notes

    Node 14.17.1 or higher should be used. This can be achieved by running:

    nvm use v14.17.1

    It also appears that Python 2.7 should be used and must be available for installing node-gyp. Techniques may vary, but this worked in one situation:

    apt-get install python2.7    
    ln -s /usr/bin/python2.7 /usr/bin/python 

    Adding New Characters

    To add a new character to Dance Party, follow the instructions here: to create the spritesheet for the character.

    Effects Testing

    npm run test:visual uses pixelmatch to test for consistency in screenshots between your local branch and an accepted baseline. Accepted baselines are saved in test/visual/fixtures. To debug a test failure, run node ./test/visual/helpers/generateScreenshot.js <effectName> <pathToDirectory> to output the local screenshot to the given directory. If a baseline does not exist for a given effect, the screenshot from your local branch is saved as the baseline. Effects are drawn with no characters on the screen so effects appear the same when drawn as backgrounds or foregrounds.

    To Add Test Coverage For a New Effects

    Add the name of the effect to the list of effects in backgrounds.js. Run npm run test:visual. After a new baseline is generated, manually inspect it to ensure it matches expectations.

    To Update A Baseline

    Delete the accepted baseline. Run npm run test:visual. After a new baseline is generated, manually inspect it to ensure it matches expectations.

    Publishing a new version

    To publish a new version, the following command should work:

    npm version 1.0.4

    With 1.0.4 replaced by the new version number that should be published.

    Note: make sure you are logged into npm first. If not, the command may fail with a misleading E404 error. You can see if you're logged in with npm whoami, and if not logged in, can can use npm login.




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