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    CDK helper class that retrieves and stores values from AWS SSM Parameter Store and AWS Secrets Manager


    $ npm install @code-dome/cdk-parameter-store


    const { ParameterStore } = require('@code-dome/cdk-parameter-store');
    // 1.1 Define key/value relationships for your parameter names as found in SSM Parameter Store
    const parameters = {
      myParameter: 'name/of/my/parameter/in/ssm',
      apiURL: 'project/backend/api/url',
    // 1.2 Define key/value relationships for your secret names (and version) as found in Secrets Manager
    const secrets = {
      superSecretValue :{
        name: 'name/of/my/secret/in/secretsManager',
        version: 1
    class MyStack extends Stack {
      constructor(scope, id, props) {
        super(scope, id, props);
        // 2. Create an instance of ParameterStore in the scope of your stack, construct or stage
        const store = new ParameterStore(this);
        // 3. Load parameter names
        const cleanParameters = store.loadStringsWithNames(parameters);
        const secureParameters = store.loadeSecureStringsWithNames(secrets);
        // 4. Retreive parameter values (CDK resolvables)
        const myParameter = cleanParameters.myParameter;
        const myParameterAgain = store.getResolvableByKey('myParameter');
        const myParameterYetAgain = store.getResolvableByName('name/of/my/parameter/in/ssm');
        // Bonus. You can load more parameters later
        const myOtherParameter = store.loadStringWithName('my/other/parameter', 'myOtherParameter');
        const myOtherParameterAgain = store.getResolvableByKey('myOtherParameter');
        const myOtherParameterYetAgain = store.getResolvableByName('my/other/parameter');

    Important Notes

    1. ParameterStore is not a construct or a stack, it does not create any resources in AWS
    2. The instance still needs the scope of your stack, construct or stage so that CDK knows which account/region to search in.
    3. If the parameter does not exist, CDK will crash and burn.
    4. Current version of this module will only retrieve the latest version of the secret or parameter.
    5. Secure strings in SSM Parameter Store are not available in CDK as of CDK 1.64.0

    Class Definition


    • scope: The scope of the parent stack, construct or stage.
    • resolvableParametersByKey: { key1: 'value', ... } All loaded parameter and secret values by key.
    • resolvableParametersByName: { name1: 'value', ... } All loaded parameter and secret values by name.


    • constructor(scope: Construct): ParameterStore Initializes instance properties
    • exposeValue(value: string, name: string, key: string): string (IResolvable) Adds a value to the resolvableParametersByKey and resolvableParametersByName with the given name and key
    • getResolvableByKey(key: string): string (IResolvable) Returns the loaded value with key key
    • getResolvableByName(name: string): string (IResolvable) Returns the loaded value
    • loadSecureStringWithName({ name: string, version: Number }, key: string): string (IResolvable) Loads content of Secret with name name from Secrets Manager, then exposes the value by key and name using exposeValue()
    • loadSecureStringsWithNames(secretNames: Object <{ key: { name: string, version: Number }, ...}>): Object <{ key: string (IResolvable), ... }> Calls loadSecureStringWithName() for each key in secretNames
    • loadStringWithName(name: string, key: string): string (IResolvable) Lookup of string parameter named name in SSM, then exposes the value by key and name using exposeValue()
    • loadStringsWithNames(parameterNames: Object <{ key: 'name', ...}>): Object <{ key: string (IResolvable), ... }> Calls loadStringWithName() for each key in parameterNames


    npm test


    • Handle version in SSM and Secrets
    • Handle StringListParameter


    npm i @code-dome/cdk-parameter-store

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