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    In-house analytics for enterprise level applications using Angular 6+, AWS S3 & AWS Athena

    Table of Contents

    1. Getting Started
    2. Usage
    3. Contribution
    4. License

    Getting Started

    Tracking events is important. Knowing which section of the application the user visits frequently is extremely important. This plugin captures each and every action the user performs on the application like - button click, scroll, hover and page visit. Analytics are saved in S3 bucket for further analysis.


    Step 0

    Install ng-s3-analytics from npm

    npm install --save ng-s3-analytics

    Step 1

    To use the library, import the library in app.module.ts.

    import { NgS3AnalyticsModule } from '@codaglobal/ng-s3-analytics';
    imports: [
         NgS3AnalyticsModule.forRoot(credentials: CredentialsBean, pageDetection: Boolean)

    The forRoot method accepts two parameters - credentials (S3 bucket and other information) and a boolean which defines whether to track page load or not

    Credential Bean Structure

    credential: {
      accessKeyId: string, // IAM user access Id
      secretAccessKey: string, // IAM user  secret key
      sessionToken: string, // optional
      bucketName: {
        authenticatedBucket: string, // optional
        publicBucket: string
      fileName: string, // file name to be saved in S3
      region: string // S3 bucket region

    The credentials are stored in environment of analytics library. These credentials are used to push tracked data onto S3 bucket

    Step 2

    AWS-sdk plugin is used in this library to push the data into S3 bucket. Installation command for aws-sdk is below

    npm install --save aws-sdk

    In the polyfills TS file,

    (window as any).global = window;

    This makes the AWS sdk files global.

    If any error occurs like Cannot find module 'stream'. Run the below command

    npm install @types/node

    Step 3

    This library can be used as plugin to track page load , button click , scroll and hover events on the page. Every event has custom data that is structured as a bean.

    AnalyticsBean: {
      pageUrl: string, // window url
      redirectedTo: string, // if the button click triggers any redirection
      componentName: string, // in which component the button belongs
      id: string, // to uniquely identified the element
      placement: string // to identify where the button belongs in html, (eg:- Header)
      // additional data ...

    In the html, add the directive along with the data required in the tag to be tracked.

    <button type="button" [track-buttonHover]='onClickButton' [track-btn]='onClickButton'>Logout</button>

    In the TS file,

    onClickButton: AnalyticsBean = {
        pageUrl: "",
        redirectedTo: "",
        componentName: "",
        id: "",
        placement: ""
        // additional data ...

    The available directives are: Button Clicked : track-btn, Hover : track-buttonHover, Scroll : track-scroll

    Step 4

    You can also separately inject an environment service in order to configure the credentials and authentication state

    import { EnvironmentService } from '@codaglobal/ng-s3-analytics';
    constructor(private environmentService: EnvironmentService) { }
    export class TestComponent {
      credentials: CredentialsBean;
      isPageLoadingToBeDetected: Boolean;
      exampleMethod() {
        this.environmentService.setCredentialsToEnvironment(credentials, isPageLoadingToBeDetected);
    import { EnvironmentService } from '@codaglobal/ng-s3-analytics';
    constructor(private environmentService: EnvironmentService) { }
    export class TestComponent {
      isAuth: Boolean;
      exampleMethod() {


    Are very welcome! And remember, contribution is not only PRs and code, but any help with docs or helping other developers to solve issues are very appreciated! Thanks in advance!






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