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    A simple metrics-server component in vanilla javascript. Easily configured using HTML5 data-attributes and/or JavaScript API. Take it for a spin in our playground!

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    We want this library to be community-driven, and CoCreate led. We need your help to realize this goal. To help make sure we are building the right things in the right order, we ask that you create issues and pull requests or merely upvote or comment on existing issues or pull requests.

    We appreciate your continued support, thank you!

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    All updates to this library are documented in our CHANGELOG and releases. You may also subscribe to email for releases and breaking changes.


    If you are interested in the future direction of this project, please take a look at our open issues and pull requests. We would love to hear your feedback.


    CoCreate-metrics-server is guided and supported by the CoCreate Developer Experience Team.

    Please Email the Developer Experience Team here in case of any queries.

    CoCreate-metrics-server is maintained and funded by CoCreate. The names and logos for CoCreate are trademarks of CoCreate, LLC.

    How to Contribute

    We encourage contribution to our libraries (you might even score some nifty swag), please see our CONTRIBUTING guide for details.

    Dual License

    Open Source

    Server Side Public License (SSPL)


    For-profit companies and individuals intending to use CoCreate-metrics-server for commercial use must purchase a commercial license. This license allows source code modifications, but does not permit redistribution of modifications.

    The commercial license is designed to for you to use CoCreate-metrics-server in commercial products and applications, without the provisions of the SSPL. With the commercial license, your code is kept propietary, to yourself. If you want to use CoCreate-metrics-server to develop commercial sites, themes, projects, and applications, the commercial license is the appropriate license.


    npm i @cocreate/metrics-server

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