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    Zero dependency profanity detector based on Swearjar and Profane.

    Note: Some examples may contain offensive language for illustration purposes.


    npm install @cnakazawa/profane


    new Profane(options?)

    Create a new instance:

    import Profane from 'profane';
    const profane = new Profane();

    check(text: string): boolean

    Check if a text matches the word list:

    profance.check('Hell no'); // true
    profance.check('H3ll no'); // true
    profane.check('Banana Banana Banana'); // false

    censor(censored: string, replacement?: string): string;

    Censor words matching the word list:

    profane.censor('Hell no'); // '**** no'
    profane.censor('Hell no', '•'); // '•••• no'

    getWordFrequencies(text: string): Record<string, number>;

    Get the word frequencies of words matching the word list:

    const frequencies = profane.getWordFrequencies('horniest hornet fart');
      "horniest": 1,
      "fart": 1

    getCategoryFrequencies(text: string): Record<string, number>;

    Get the category frequencies of words matching the word list:

    const frequencies = profane.getCategoryFrequencies('horniest hornet fart');
      "inappropriate": 1,
      "sexual": 1


    words: Record<string, ReadonlyArray<string>>

    You can configure your Profane instance with a custom word list by supplying an object with word definitions:

    const profane = new Profane({
      words: {
        happy: ['inappropriate'],
        awesome: ['elated'],
    profane.check('Mr. Happy is awesome'); // true
    profane.getCategoryFrequencies('Mr. Happy is awesome'); // {inappropriate: 1, elated: 1}

    You can receive a copy of the word list through the getWordList() function:

    import {getWordList} from '@cnakazawa/profane';
    getWordList(); // Record<string, ReadonlyArray<string>>

    normalize?: boolean

    Determines whether to normalize Leet or not. Defaults to true'.

    new Profane({normalize: false}).check('H3ll'); // false
    new Profane({normalize: true}).check('H3ll'); // true

    wholeWordsOnly?: boolean

    Whether to match only on whole words or not. Defaults to false'.

    new Profane({wholeWordsOnly: false}).check('shell'); // true
    new Profane({wholeWordsOnly: true}).check('shell'); // false

    Updates to the word list

    The default word list was lifted from Swearjar and may be out-of-date. Please feel free to send Pull Requests with new and updated definitions.


    npm i @cnakazawa/profane

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