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Quality Payment Program Measures Data Repository

This repository hosts measures data for QPP and supports functionality to import measures data as an NPM module. It currently hosts all Improvement Activity and Advancing Care Information measures, as well as a fraction of Quality measures.

This is the alpha v2 source of truth for QPP measures data, building off of the existing v1 measures data available at qpp.cms.gov/api. This data (qpp-measures-data) reformats some of the data from the v1 measures API and adds some additional information (see util/convert-qpp-to-measures.js for the exact transformations). The transition to using qpp-measures-data as a source of truth for CMS is ongoing and this data may be subject to modifications. We are not guaranteeing stability in the API contract for qpp-measures-data at this time.

How to Use qpp-measures-data

Measures and benchmark data can be accessed by installing the qpp-measures-data NPM repository. The measures data JSON schema is described in measures/measures-schema.yaml. The measures data here combines existing data from the QPP API, with supplementary data found in util. To access measures data without installing the NPM repository, run git clone git@github.com:CMSgov/qpp-measures-data.git and navigate to measures/measures-data.json.

The benchmarks data JSON schema is described in benchmarks/benchmarks-schema.yaml. To access the benchmarks data without installing the NPM repository, run git clone git@github.com:CMSgov/qpp-measures-data.git and navigate to benchmarks/. Benchmarks data is organized by performance year. For example, benchmarks/2017.json contains the benchmarks for performance year 2017 (benchmark year 2015).

Importing the qpp-measures-data module

Functions take a string version argument and return the appropriate YAML schema or JSON data. The module can be used with the following pattern:

var qppMeasuresData = require('@cmsgov/qpp-measures-data');
var measuresData = qppMeasuresData.getMeasuresData();
var measuresSchema = qppMeasuresData.getMeasuresSchema();
var benchmarksData = qppMeasuresData.getBenchmarksData(2017);
var benchmarksSchema = qppMeasuresData.getBenchmarksSchema();

Generating measures-data.json

To regenerate the measures-data.json file, which contains additional metadata and conforms to the measures schema, do the following:

  1. Download the qpp quality pdfs
    wget https://qpp.cms.gov/docs/QPP_quality_measure_specifications.zip .
    unzip QPP_quality_measure_specifications.zip
    unzip Claims-Registry-Measures.zip
  2. Run the convert from pdfs tool to get the quality info from the pdfs. This info needs to be combined with the (manually generated) util/quality-measures-strata-details.json file to get the full quaility measures data.
    node scripts/get-quality-measures-from-pdfs.js Claims-Registry-Measures

Then run this command to generate a new measures-data.json file

$ jq -s add util/additional-measures.json <(curl -s https://qpp.cms.gov/api/v1/aci_measures | node scripts/convert-qpp-to-measures.js aci) <(curl -s https://qpp.cms.gov/api/v1/ia_measures | node scripts/convert-qpp-to-measures.js ia) <(curl -s https://qpp.cms.gov/api/v1/quality_measures | node scripts/convert-qpp-to-measures.js quality) | node scripts/merge-measures-data.js | tee measures/measures-data.json

To regenerate the measures-data.xml file, run cat measures/measures-data.json | node scripts/convert-json-to-xml.js > measures/measures-data.xml.

The measures from additional-measures.json must be added, as they are not available via the QPP API.

Generating benchmarks data

To regenerate benchmarks data from historical data use the scripts/parse-benchmarks-data.js script like so cat data/historical-benchmarks/2015.csv | node scripts/parse-benchmarks-data.js 2015 2017;


We've provided a simple tool to validate JSON against our JSON schema. To validate against measures-schema.yaml, run cat [path to JSON] | node scripts/validate-data.js measures. For benchmarks, run cat [path to JSON] | node scripts/validate-data.js benchmarks.

For example, running cat measures/measures-data.json | node scripts/validate-data.js measures validates the latest version of measures-data.json against the latest measures-schema.yaml.

How to Contribute to qpp-measures-data


Install the following brew modules:

brew install jq wget poppler

Run npm install.


When making changes to measures-data, include tests in the tests directory and make sure existing tests still pass using:

npm run test

Additional measures

util/additional-measures.json includes data objects which are necessary for scoring but are not MIPS measures. At this time util/additional-measures.json includes:

  1. Attestations: Attestations are pre-requisites of submitting additional measurements for a given category.
  2. Exclusions: Exclusions are optional attestations of conditions which exempt the provider from a corresponding (required) measure. For example, submitting true to ACI_LVPP_1 exempts a user from submitting data for the required measure ACI_EP_1.




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