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    What it is

    This is a library to render content from contentful into a nextjs application.

    Using the library

    The library exposes the following:

    • getPageContent(context: GetServerSidePropsContext, domain?: string). This method takes the nextjs' context object and get the page slug to use it to retrieve the content from contentful. To avoid collisions between similar routes in different projects stored in the same contentful space you can pass domain parameter to this function, or you can set the SITE_DOMAIN env variable to avoid having to pass it in every single call. To retrieve content in preview you can enable nextjs preview mode or you can append ?preview=anything as a query param to the page (anything will enable preview mode, we only check that the query param exists).
    • getStaticPageContent(slug: string, preview = false, domain: string | undefined = undefined). The main difference between this method and the previous one is that it will not look for previously visited pageId or randomize the variant returned (will always return the first one). It is intended to be used from nextjs getStaticProps (see the docs).
    • generateMdx(blocks: Block[]): Promise<Model[]>. This function takes the output of the getPageContent and compiles the code to MDX using mdx-bundler.
    • MdxRenderer component. Takes the compiled MDX code from generateMdx and renders the content using react. The component accepts the content to render and a custom componentMap that can be used to render custom components.
    • getDefaultTheme(preview: boolean, domain: string) retrieve the default theme for a given domain or undefined if no default theme is defined. By default preview is set to false and domain to process.env.SITE_DOMAIN. This call use a cache first approach for data fetching. Taking into account that the default theme can not be loaded at the app level because nextjs Custom app does not support data fetching we strongly recommend that each page has a theme associated to avoid a second request to contentful.
    • getStaticRoutes(domain?: string, preview?: string). Returns the list of routes (ids and slugs) that has been defined as static in contentful. This function can be used in the nextjs getStaticPaths function to generate the page at build time. By default it will use process.env.SITE_DOMAIN for the domain and false for the preview mode.


    You will need to define this environment variables to make the library work:


    The CONTENTFUL_ACCESS_TOKEN_PREVIEW is only needed if you will be rendering non published content.

    Peer dependencies

    The following dependencies should be provided to the library:

    • @apollo/client >= 3.6.2
    • @cmpsr/components version matching package.json definition
    • next >= 12.1.6
    • react >= 18.1.0
    • react-dom >= 18.1.0

    Example of usage

    import { generateMdx, getPageContent } from "@cmpsr/nextjs-contentful-renderer";
    import { MdxRenderer } from "@cmpsr/nextjs-contentful-renderer/client";
    import { ComposerProvider } from "@cmpsr/components";
    const Page: NextPage<PageProps> = ({ content, title, metaConfiguration }) => {
      const metaTags = Object.values(metaConfiguration) || [];
      const Wrapper = ({ children }) =>
        theme ? (
          <ComposerProvider theme={theme}>{children}</ComposerProvider>
        ) : (
      return (
            { => {
              const props = {
                [metaTag.propertyName]: metaTag.propertyValue,
                content: metaTag.content,
              return <meta key={metaTag.propertyValue} {...props} />;
          {, index) => (
            <MdxRenderer key={index} content={block} componentMap={components} />
    export const getServerSideProps: GetServerSideProps<PageProps> = async (
      context: GetServerSidePropsContext
    ) => {
      const page = (await getPageContent(context)) || pageNotFound;
      let theme = page.theme;
      if (!theme) {
        theme = await getDefaultTheme(context.query.preview !== undefined);
      const content: Model[] = await generateMdx(page.content);
      return {
        props: {
          title: page.title,
          metaConfiguration: page.metaConfiguration,
          theme: theme || null,
    export default Page;




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